Giants Roundup: * Edition

  • In the process of the Bonds Circus finally producing a home run, the Giants got swept by the Padres and lost their best pitcher to injury. Greg Oden, here we come! … oh, right. [SFGate]
  • Like the man who hit the historic home run, Clay Hensley also appreciates a good needle o’ steroids. [Ballhype]
  • David Wells has a ball signed by Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron and now Barry Bonds. [The FanHouse]
  • Some mechanical expert puts forth a pretty good argument on how Bonds’ arm-guard has helped him more than you might think. [Editor & Publisher, via The Big Lead]
  • Meanwhile, The City is buzzing with 756 anticipation. There is extra security at surrounding bars and restaurants, and Craigslist is about to explode with ticket offers. According to the Chronicle, season-ticket holder Michael Cella got a dozen responses within 20 minutes of posting available tickets for the game. Drinks are on Mike tonight. [SFGate]
  • Even the Giants themselves are getting into the souvenir act. [SFGate]
  • What would you do if you caught 756? [2 Cents]
  • Barry Bonds’ fly was unzipped during the Dodgers game. And you thought sports bloggers are too preoccupied with stupid non-news stories. [Home Run Derby]
  • got confused about the number between #754 and #756. [100% Injury Rate]
  • How to cope with the record breaking: a 10-step program. [Sons of Sam Malone]
  • Tim Lincecum pitches tonight, which for us, is a reason in itself to tune in.

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