People From LA Are Idiots

Yesterday’s edition of the LA Times contained one of the most stupefying stupid articles we’ve ever come across in a well-reputed, high-profile publication. The article, written by Kurt Streeter, basically expounds upon Baron Davis’ ties to Los Angeles, from his offseason charity games down south to his high school days at the ritzy Crossroads High in Santa Monica. But then, Streeter decides that the regal Los Angeles–not the plebian Oakland–deserves Baron.

It’s one thing to share an idea. It’s one thing to make a plea. Hell, even this blog has tossed around the idea of trading Baron during this offseason. But Streeter’s only reason is Los Angeles’ sense of entitlement. Here are some excerpts:

  • “But he doesn’t even play here. He plays in Oakland. And it’s not right. They don’t deserve him. We do.
  • “Everybody knows, after all, that Davis was a stud at UCLA before he became an NBA star in New Orleans, then was injured, barked at coaches, got traded, and came back to California, but to the wrong place. Oakland. He’s pure Los Angeles. Up in Oakland, you can’t even see his Aston Martin. Too much fog. They don’t have that kind of fog in Malibu.”
  • “Those [Dallas playoff] games up north looked like Lakers games during the best of times. Wall-to-wall crazies. The pixie dust had star-trekked north to watch their boy do his thing. In the wrong town. “
  • “That’s a pretty good description of an L.A. guy. Wasted in Oakland.”

Now, aside from the absolute lack of substantial rhetoric and the annoying repetition of sentence fragments (over)used for dramatic effect, what in the world makes Streeter even think that LA deserves Baron more than Oakland?

Let’s see here …

Angelenos are world-renowned for showing up late for games and leaving before the game is over. On the other hand, Warriors fans, despite having suffered through a dozen years of incompetence, are widely regarded as some of the most fiercely loyal (to a fault even) fans in the NBA, an opinion validated during the 2007 playoffs, when the Oracle became the loudest, most hostile homecourt advantage in the league. It’s entirely possible that the Warriors have one of the best fan bases in the entire league. And it’s made up of normal NBA enthusiasts, not people who go to the game just to be seen.

The Lakers deserve Baron? That franchise that houses Kobe Bryant, the most petulant, rape-y player in the league who has repeatedly demanded a trade? That franchise that decided to dump the most dominant player in league history because of in-house quarrels? That franchise that traded All-Star Caron Butler for All-Bust Kwame Brown? That franchise deserves Baron?

The Clippers deserve Baron? That franchise, under Elgin Baylor, that has repeatedly refused to pay for good players? At least the Warriors–despite their history of incompetence–don’t make decisions based on potential profit. That franchise that will always play second-fiddle to the Lakers? That franchise that doesn’t even have its own arena? That franchise whose biggest fan is the kid from Malcolm in the Middle? That franchise deserves Baron?

Los Angeles deserves Baron? The same city that booed both Barry Bonds and the Dodgers pitcher that walked him? The same city that vacated Dodger Stadium when Bonds left the game for a pinch-runner? That city deserves Baron?

Yeah, right.

Bring back the king [LA Times, via The FanHouse]

2 Responses to People From LA Are Idiots

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s amazing how much better of a place Southern California would be if Northern Californians ran it.

  2. TC says:

    Hey man…I’m from SoCal….and I got no defense of that column. I know it’s easy to tar the entire area, and I don’t blame you. I admire the fans up there. I would agree and go further about the fans up there. I actually lived in Oaktown ’98-’00, i guess during the height of the dark years…or however you want to term them…..and I would say you guys ARE the best fans in the league. But trust me, just because all you see are Hollywood celebs drinking Starbucks and breezing into the Stapler just in time to get on ABC on Sunday afternoon, doesn’t mean there aren’t millions of us living out in the suburbs who don’t have the money to get to more than one or two games a year who don’t live and breath with the Lakers, just as you do with the Warriors. That said, I’m not the biggest BD fan. I just think he hasn’t met the hype over his career, but I was cheering you guys on during that recent playoff run. Y’all got some silly talent and I think you’re gonna be back next year.

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