Remembering The 1994 Montreal Expos the artists formerly known as the Montreal Expos in town, (at least in some people’s eyes), we thought we’d take a moment to look back at one of the great teams of the past decade: the 1994 Expos.

This team will go down in history–if it hasn’t already–as the team that got royally screwed by the strike. At the time of the stoppage, the ‘Spos were six games atop the Braves and generally considered the best team in baseball. Managed by Felipe Alou, they had an excellent starting rotation anchored by veteran rocks Ken Hill (who was 16-5 at striketime) and Jeff Fassero; rounding out the rotation were two youngsters you may recognize: Pedro Martinez and Kirk Rueter. The bullpen was awesome too, with John Wetteland not yet a Yankee champion and Mel Rojas not yet a journeyman.

As for the lineup, well, it was stacked with All-Stars and offense:

C Darrin Fletcher
1B Cliff Floyd
2B Mike Lansing
3B Sean Berry
SS Wil Cordero
LF Moises Alou
CF Marquis Grissom
RF Larry Walker

A year later: Walker, Grissom, Floyd, Hill and Wetteland were all expelled from “Canadia.” Soon thereafter, so were Pedro, Moises and Woody.

That, my friends, is a firesale.


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