Vernon Davis Is On Thin Ice us worriers, pessimists or whatever, but when words like “diva,” “distraction,” “tempestuous,” “immaturity” and “emotional” are tossed around before a player even begins his second season, it’s not a good sign.

These were just some of the words used to describe 49ers’ fiery second-year tight-end, Vernon Davis. Davis has already tangled with future Hall-of-Famer vet Larry Allen during the preseason and developed a rep as a bit of a rabble rouser. But, as discovered several years ago with Terrell Owens, there is a fine line between being emotional and being a distraction:

Davis is an excitable player by nature and said he uses his effusiveness to get his teammates charged during practice “just to get them going. In the morning, everybody is not in tune. I think I’m that one guy who can get everybody going. That’s the kind of guy you need on a team.”

Davis, however, nixed any comparisons to a former 49ers wide receiver that created controversy here and elsewhere, fellow named Terrell Owens. Davis said he’s no T.O. in training.

Here’s hoping his ability doesn’t go wasted. He may be no T.O., but let’s hope he doesn’t go Jeremy Shockey on the Niners either.

All in all, Davis’ development (or lack thereof) is just one more question in what should be a very, very telling season for the young Niners.

Will Davis experience a sophomore slump? Will he shine? Are you worried about Davis?

Davis’ rule: Fire is OK, ire is not [SFGate]

[Speaking of Vernon Davis, we’d be remiss if we didn’t remind you of this unfounded yet thought-provoking blog post from a year ago from the always excellent Steroid Nation.]

[Photo courtesy: SI]

One Response to Vernon Davis Is On Thin Ice

  1. Sportsattitude says:

    I just recently learned that Vernon has been “acting out” in camp a bit, causing some folks a bit of concern they are seeing the second coming of T.O. as you write. This sounds more like a Jeremy Shockey deal to me where Davis is just gonna have to take it down a notch and make sure he keeps his helmet on at all times and his mouth off at most times. Hopefully, some of the older Niners can rein him in.

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