Hey, What About Willie Mays?

Despite what you may think of last night’s record breaking and subsequent game-stopping ceremony (which involved a scary emotional version of Barry Bonds), there’s no denying that the dual appearance of Willie Mays and Hank Aaron made the night especially memorable.

Aaron’s appearance on the scoreboard was, quite frankly, chillingly reminiscent of James Earl Jones’ beautiful “blackboard” speech in Field of Dreams, right down to the deep voice and ultra-eloquent diction. He was stately. He somehow found a way to pay his respects yet rise above the occasion. Perfectly played, Mr. Aaron.

Willie Mays’ appearance was a bit more upsetting to us. When he first emerged from the dugout with microphone in hand, we were expecting him to say a few words. But, like Omar Vizquel and Rajai Davis, he just got a hug from Barry. Then we were expecting an acknowledgement in Bonds’ little speech. But nothing. Not even another hug or handshake. Nothing from Renel Brooks. Nothing from Bonds. No whispers. No jokes. No goodbye. No mixing with the family. Mays was just there. The greatest player in history, Bonds’ godfather, could have been Jon Miller.

Was this weird to anyone else? Or, as big Willie Mays fans, are we just oversensitive?

4 Responses to Hey, What About Willie Mays?

  1. marcys says:

    You know, with everything else going on, I never even noticed that Mays didn’t say anything. It IS weird. But weirdest of all, as you noted, was that “scary emotional version” of Barry Bonds! When he thanked his dad…was that for real, or what? Anyhow, I like the way you wrote about it.

  2. Max Mercy says:

    I personally liked when he screamed at the poor PR guy who had the mic “hey, GIVE ME THE MIC!” that’s a side to Willie we haven’t seen very often.

  3. Elvi Patterson! says:

    I like how the Giants had to pay off Hank Aaron so they could make it look like people actually like Bonds.

  4. tsos20 says:

    I’ll bet when Barry Bonds saw Willie Mays and Hank Aaron, he thought of his dad.Bobby Bonds and Willie Mays played together for the Giants. I’m sure it was a bitter sweet moment for him.
    The Sultan on Sports


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