“I Caught It! I Caught It! … Hey, Why Isn’t Anyone Else Excited?”

You’re 15 years old. You’re visiting San Francisco. You somehow scored a bleacher seat to the hardest ticket in town. You luck out, and after weeks of anticipation, Barry Bonds just happens to break the most hallowed record in sports on the night you attend. And he just happens to hit it right to you! And you think you actually caught the ball! But, since you’re from Philly, you’re not so bright:

There was plenty of heartbreak to go around. One young fan, 15-year-old Mark Jackson of Philadelphia, said he was sure he was the guy with the ball. But Jackson had fallen for the fake ball trick – during big home run scrambles, mischievous fans are known to toss other balls into the area to watch the resulting chaos.

Jackson picked up one of the fake balls, stuffed it into his pants and then headed below the bleachers to consult with security guards, who broke the bad news.

If Jackson had inspected the ball, the guard pointed out, he would have seen it was marked “CIAC” – which stands for the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference, not generally known as the supplier of Major League baseballs.

And the moral of the story is: never love anything.

Bonus: here’s a frightening video from the scramble for the home run ball.

Mayhem ends, ball in hands of Mets fan [SFGate]

756: The View From The Stands [Deadspin]

5 Responses to “I Caught It! I Caught It! … Hey, Why Isn’t Anyone Else Excited?”

  1. Go ahead, and bash on Philadelphians, when you homosexuals can’t even figure out that Bonds is juicing. He cheated baseball, and all you stupid Giants fans worship the piece of trash. You may celebrate there, but the rest of the world knows the ugly truth. Bonds is a cheater, a huge jerk, and just a flat out bad guy.

    In my eyes Bonds is at 0 HRs, because once you cheat, everything you have ever done is thrown out the window. Since Bud Selig allowed this monstrosity to even play, we will record it as 756*. NEVER FORGET THE ASTERISK!

    Shame on you too, for ripping a 15 year old kid. Please go die from AIDS.

  2. Say Hey says:

    Heavens. Thank you Philadelphia.

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  4. Karl says:

    I think Inside the Iggles needs to get Inside the Psychiatrists Office.

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