Finally, The Bay Area’s Answer To Kige Ramsey

It’s absolutely no secret around these parts that we are huge fans of YouTube “sports reporter” and internet sensation Kige Ramsey. Kige is well-renowned for his succinct takes, his myriad Titans jerseys and wood paneling backdrop. He’s even known to take his show on the road to Wal-Mart. In order to prove a later point, we offer some vintage Kige:

It’s with Kige in mind that we present the interwebs’ newest star, JP. While watching (he’s a low talker so you’ll have to turn up the volume a bit), note the following touches of Bay Area essence/brilliance: underground rap music soundtrack, cherry red jersey, matching 49ers hat askew, menagerie of childhood trophies in the background and the eloquent references to “sucka Cowboy fans”:

Hopefully this made you as happy as it did us. We are more excited about the upcoming NFL season that ever. Here’s looking forward to more reports from the interwebs.



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