Nostalgia: Whatever Happened To … Chris Gatling? Gatling was the Warriors’ 1st round selection in the 1991 NBA Draft. Out of Old Dominion, the 6-10 forward spent four solid years as the Warriors’ energy guy, gobbling up loose balls more quickly than a Hungry Hungry Hippo. Gatling’s four-year stint with the Warriors was his longest stay with any team of his career, though he may be best known for shaking Shawn Kemp’s hand after Kemp viciously dunked on him. Indeed, GAT’s time with the Dubs was nearly longer than the big scar atop his head.

The man with tattoos of the Energizer Bunny and the Tasmanian Devil became the ultimate “throw-in-to-make-salaries-work guy.” His Melvillian odyssey around America commenced with the trade that sent Tim Hardaway to Miami. After Miami, Gatling was traded to the following teams: New Jersey, Dallas, Milwaukee, Denver, Orlando and finally back to Miami. In his career, he was signed and released three times by the Heat. Interestingly enough, Gatling was an All-Star with the Dallas Mavericks during the 1997 contest.

But upon retiring from the NBA, Gatling wasn’t done. He went to Moscow to play, where he enjoyed hanging out at TGI Friday’s and just living the life. He didn’t even mind playing in the (apparently) racist Russian league, justifying himself in the following manner:

“My Italian friend told me I would be fine over here because — and don’t take this the wrong way — I’m not BLACK black,” Gatling — who has a light pigmentation — says. “You know, I could be a Latino, or whatever.”

These days, Gatling–who’s not BLACK black–has been known to partake in the All-Star game festivities in Vegas, and he allegedly owes over $40,000 in child support as of March 2006.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m not WHITE white.

  2. Anonymous says:

    He sold the house that his kids lived in and then took off with the money! The money was supposed to be put into a new home for the kids and he skipped town. Now he cannot be found and the family needs help! Report him to dead beat dads if you know where he is! His kids do not deserve this!

    Check out story on page 28 of the following link:

  3. Oh sweetie says:

    What groupie are you that got pregnant on purpose. IM VERY CLOSE TO CHRIS and Weve had infinitive conversations about the WHOLE story… What kind of woman keeps a father or MOTHER FROM their kids. How selfisha dn who could live with themselves doing that?!?!?!?

  4. anonymous says:

    Reply to Oh Sweetie:

    No one said I was the mother or “groupie” as you call it! You say ‘What kind of woman keeps a father or MOTHER FROM their kids”……..what are you trying to say? That the mother is keeping the father (Chris) away from the kids or that she (the mother) is staying away from the kids too?!?!? You have made no sense at all!! I think the REAL QUESTION you raise was “who could live with themselves doing that???”…..TRUE….how could a father LIVE WITH HIMSELF RUNNING FROM BEING A FATHER AND TAKING CARE OF HIS PART? He should just step up and be a man….and that includes being part of their lives. But from what I’ve read and heard, he chooses NOT to contact them. He is a coward.

  5. anonymous says:

    This loser is attempting to work as bartender at a strip club in Phoenix and sleeping here and there on his friends couches. Hanging out with coke heads and strippers. Sounds like his kids are better off not having him around.

  6. The truth says:

    If you would like to see this loser in person come down to Amazons on 7th Street and Indian School in Phoenix. He is “attempting” to be a bartender. However, that scar on his head must have caused some serious brain damage because he is about to be traded to another Strip Club (No pun intented) because he sucks so bad. He is a pathological liar and needs to grow up.

  7. Anonymous says:

    He is a loser who happened to be good at basketball. He is a lying, cheating scum with a crooked penis. Seriously.

  8. HELP HIS CHILDREN!!!!!! says:

    So….all these little tidbits are coming in regarding his “whereabouts” and what he is doing now…..why not HELP his children? Granted, they ARE better off without him in their lives, BUT….they deserve to NOT have to worry about being homeless! His son is in a MAJOR medical condition and THE GATLING FAMILY WILL NOT HELP! They are HIDING their son to “protect” CHRIS and NOT PROTECTING THEIR OWN GRANDCHILDREN!!!!!!! Those children DO NOT deserve to be tossed to the side! CHRIS HAS STOLEN MONEY FROM HIS OWN CHILDREN! He has 5 that are known of (who knows how many others are out there!?!?!?)!!!!!! 2 are STRUGGLING MAJORLY and about to seriously face homelessness!!!!!!! PLEASE CONTACT THE CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF CHILD SUPPORT SERVICES!!!! Their link is

    TOTALLY ANONYMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You do NOT need to provide YOUR information—JUST HIS!!!! He owes almost $200,000 in BACK SUPPORT on 2 children alone! Besides selling their home against a court order AND STEALING THE MONEY FROM THE SALE!!!!!!!!!! He needs to pay his children’s support or be LOCKED UP! How can a 6’10 BALD BLACK (or “Latino, or whatever”) EX-NBA PLAYER CAN GO UNNOTICED?!?!?!?!?!

    Regardless of how you feel about him….love, hate, favorite player, whatever….his children DO NOT DESERVE THIS! They are INNOCENT!!! Chris….is NOT!

    • shelia v says:

      sounds like the white pun is desperate over money..she needs to go to work and do what she has to do to ke care of her kids and STOP worrying about what chris is not doing..

  9. Anonymous says:

    sounds like someone doesnt wanna work AND MOVE ON, why arent we hearing from Chris Gatling other baby mommas, i feel sorry for the children but i feel even worse for you bcuz despite having a child with medical issues you contINUE to chase aN EX nba player who doesnt make the money that he use to and is oviously BROKE. so pls for you children and self move on, you cant get blood from a tulip…….. goodluck

    • shelia v says:

      amen….she needs to stop crying and move on..i’m beginning to wonder if this child has a medical condition she so claims…

  10. FYI says:

    I work for child support services. Regardless of what you think or what you think you “know”, the laws clearly state that both parents are responsible for the well being of the children. If the mother (or mother(S) ) are taking care of the child (or children)–emotionally, physically, financially, etc…, the father must also do his part. Unfortunately, he is not. He is not the only father out there in this world that isn’t taking care of his children, but, this case has been in the system for way too long and is quite pathetic that he is not doing his part of being a parent…besides the fact it is now a felony due to the amounts he owes many women. He made enough money over his career to see that ALL of his children are taken care of (with the basics) until they are 18 years old, but he obviously blew it away. From what I have read here and hearing from other women (and a few co-workers) that dated him, he is not the most trustworthy of “men”. Seems he has you fooled as well…or you are blinded by what he use to be. I wish you the best of luck and hope you don’t end up like the other mothers, people he has stolen from (men and women) and women he has scammed in the past.

    • shelia v says:

      if they stop spreading their legs then they don’t have to be in predicament that they are in now. if u are so worried about..why u just go to phoenix and find..apparently, money isn’t just the issue hear..stop talking about it…

  11. Stripper Friend :) says:

    Chris seems like a nice guy. He is good in bed, takes me out, makes me smile. He is a great bartender. For the mother u had to like him enough to have a baby with him. Or are you a gold digging whore???? You aren’t the only single mom out there!!! If he doesn’t wanna help, whatever, fuck him. Why do you think a lot of women strip or are on welfare???? I don’t know what happened but I’m sorry. Anyways, what happened to make you hate him sooo much??? You call him a liar, cheater, coward, etc. Can you give me some examples? How does he scam? What does he steal? He just seems like a kid at heart and a flirt. He just want to live life and be happy!! What is up with all the drama?!?! Maybe that’s why he bailed?!?!

  12. Stripper Friend :) says:

    Yeah. He is a selfish prick that has no respect for women! He will lead you on like he really likes you, fuck you, then call you a whore! He wants you to do everything for him (help him with whatever) and doesn’t appreciate it! He took me to the movies twice and made a big deal out of it! He insulted and bullied me all day but he thinks he is prefect! You’re a stupid bitch if you put up with his shit!!!!!! Tell him to take a cab, pick on someone his own size, and go fuck himself!!!!

    • shelia v says:

      if he was so called whatever why did u mess with him in the first place…that’s goes to show u how weak and vulnerable u are when it comes to men…

  13. WOW says:

    I am stunned and amazed at this webwsite. I new Chris in high school and can’t believed that his life turned out this way. However, I have to admit, there were signs. Good luck and God bless.

  14. WOW says:

    Sorry for the typos, here it is again without them…

    I am stunned and amazed at this website. I knew Chris in high school and can’t believe that his life turned out this way. However, I have to admit, there were signs. Good luck and God bless.

  15. OMG! says:

    I can’t belive all this. I knew there was something wrong with him!! Does anyone know if he is dangerous?? or has any diseases??

  16. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know where Gat is currently?

  17. Anonymous says:

    I do!!!

  18. revenger says:


    • shelia v says:

      really…i think it was just a booty booty call..not a rape was just consensual…u wwas just a ONE night stand…..stop making accusations that he’s a rapist…

  19. anonymous says:

    Wow!!!! I know these ppl posting all of these allegations ummm how about u get off the white the meth pipe booze and for sure ur backs and keep on strippin in those clubs where 3rd rate strippers go to die cuz ur too busted up to dance elsewhere and not smart enough for the real world or even snag ya pathetic self an old sugar daddy!!! As for the “rape” ha the girl doesnt know her name half the time and cant speak a coherant sentence the other half!!! Keep on hatin haters cause your always gonna be the piece of pooh on the bottom of my shoe

  20. steve says:

    hey anonymous, (November 14, 2008 at 4:56 pm)
    i need to speak to you off line about an incedent in mexico.

    thank u.

  21. revenger says:

    “As for the “rape” ha the girl doesnt know her name half the time and cant speak a coherant sentence the other half!!!”


    “The Energizer”
    Golden State Warriors (1991-1996)
    Miami Heat (1996, 2001-2002)
    Dallas Mavericks (1996-1997)
    New Jersey Nets (1997-1999)
    Milwaukee Bucks (1999)
    Orlando Magic (1999-2000)
    Denver Nuggets (2000)
    Cleveland Cavaliers (2000-2001)
    CSKA Moscow (2002)

    Becky Gatling was going through breast caner surgery while this pig was fucking strippers.
    Chris Gatling has a 4-year-old daughter out of wedlock and two paternity suits pending, his mother said.
    Chris Gatling was the Warriors’ 1st round selection in the 1991 NBA Draft. Out of Old Dominion. Gatling’s four-year stint with the Warriors was his longest stay with any team of his career, though he may be best known for shaking Shawn Kemp’s hand after Kemp viciously dunked on him. Voted worst plater ever in the N.B.A.

    • shelia v says:

      how in the world are u going to press charges against Chris for a incident that is years old..furthermore, in order to press rape charges against a person, the rape have to occur within 48-72 hrs not years..u are so so belligerent and if u are white u will go down with anything or anybody..u will suck a tadpole if something sling one..leave his mother out of this because she doesn’t have anything to do with what he does he’s a GROWN man and is responsible for his own actions..he’s not the first man not the last to have a child out of wedlock..

  22. carma says:

    Hi if the rape charges are true I want to help you find him. He still hangs @ Amazon strip club and e4 night club on Friday nights. He tries to be a promoter but really uses it as a stepping ground 2 get laid……

  23. Anonymous says:

    I was also a victum of Chris Gatling. He asked me to come over to help him on something and he carried me by my pants to the bedroom while I was trying to get away. Not a fair fight since I am 5’5 and 130 lbs. He got my pants down and raped me. I didn’t not report this because the whole Kobe Bryant thing was going on and I didn’t want to be dragged through the mud like that girl was. I wish I would have and maybe I would have saved some of y’all some heartache. Please stay away from this girl. He is nice the first date or 2 then turns into a controlling, verbally abusive asshole. He would show up at places he knew I would be at…… he is a weirdo

    • shelia v says:

      consensual sex bar none…

      • jjj12 says:

        WOW…Sheila V…you are truly an ignorant broad…might want to check your spelling, grammar and word usage before you try and make an attempt at an intelligent comeback. And, if there are any haters on here…you are clearly the only one. I knew Chris back in the 90s apparently he’s worse than he was. I must say, however, its not entirely shocking. At the very least he struck me as somewhat of a sociopath…looks like he’s definitely got that base covered. I knew better and steered clear. He made mild attempts to “coerce” me into hooking up with him, stalking me, even finding out where I lived and calling my mother to get her to convince me to go out with him. Who does this? Looks like a reservation for a cement 8×8 might be in his future given the things he’s been up to. Things have a way of catching up with you. Oh and someone asked about diseases…yes…he does. Herpes.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I went on a few dates with Chris as well and NEVER slept with him but I did notice that he likes to get you drunk when your out and about with him!! He always tried to throw in my face that I like to get but never give… He was always pissed that I wouldn’t have sex with him and finally I told him I couldn’t deal with his drinking and attitude anymore!! He kept emailing me and texting me and when I wouldn’t answer his phone calls at 3-4 AM he would leave long voice mails talking about how I am a slut and that all he wanted to do is fuck me and screw me over!! And about 7 minutes into the voicemail he would start saying how beautiful I am and that I was a good person!!! I think he has Drank himself stupid or done way tooo many drugs in his lifetime!!! Oh and then to top it off he tried to lie to me and said he only had one child.. Well its a good thing for google cause otherwise I would of believed his lying ass!! The only good thing about Chris is his Cooking! LOL Hope he gets his life together!!

  25. Class Mate EHS says:

    I can not believe what I just read on Chris…. He came from a good family. His father worked at the school and was a FATHER to Chris. If this is true he needs to be BEHIND BARS. I am so SHOCKED I’ve been to the families home in Irvington NJ. YOU WOMEN MUST GET TOGETHER , hell call TMZ do something get that Animal off the streets.
    I still feel bad for his parents !!!!

  26. BeckyJ says:

    I met him recently and thoought he was hot. Never heard of him before then. He gave me his #. I googled him when I got home, and am glad I never called him.
    If he has changed, that’s graeat, bit I have a little girl, and I cant take the chance.

  27. Co-worker says:


  28. Alexus cristen nicole Gatling says:

    I would appreciate it if you Anonymous would stop talkng about my dad cuz we all now who u are in the family u have twins ?? huh i see him all tha time every break i have call and try to make out when i come. hes trying very hard !and its all becuse of Anonymous that he cant get a job becuase she posted all the bull crap about him ? u dont even make th e effort to try to let tha twins see him and u no it and if i catch another thing posted by you i will contact someone but no he is doing very well in his real estate buisness and a new business that i am trying to get his eye in any questions or comments please email me at

  29. Alexus cristen nicole Gatling says:

    who is this revenger ?? he does nott do tht u freaknn lier i swear i want to beat the crap out of u for saying tht stuff

  30. A Friend says:

    I have recently gotten to know Chris, I confronted him about all this BS. I think you guys are vengful little oportunists. He’s a good guy, and he loves his daughter. He’s definately not a rapist. I know this from personal experience. As far as the other baby’s mommas go, I think you tried to trap him. Alexis, your dad does love you, you are right to stick up for him.

  31. Anonymous says:

    LMAO! If you think confronting him will work your misunderstood.. Ive done the same and he will still deny everything! But you can stick up for him all you want.. I’m sure in about a month or so you will be on here saying what a liar and Asshole he really is…. 🙂

  32. You have a choice says:

    How about taking some responsibility for yourselves, for a change? Everyone seems to cry victim when things don’t go as planned. You obviously chose to see good in Chris, at one point in life–that’s how you got involved. If it didn’t work out, walk away. Be accountable for yourself. No one is perfect! Anyone, writing can easily complain and judge Chris. We’ve all made mistakes, and at the same time–at any given moment, any individual is capable of change. Maybe you should open your minds and hearts to that? I’m sure being in the limelight isn’t easy…There’s always someone out there to criticize. “You can’t make everyone happy, all of the time!”

  33. I think you are right! says:

    ~People ahould focus on the positive.
    ~Most people are “chronic complainers.”
    ~They can’t find good in anything/or anyone.
    ~Daily life is a REAL challenge!!!
    ~The one they really hate, is THEMSELVES!!
    ~Chris, is the object to place blame.
    ~As mentioned above it’s about being responsible for U
    and accepting accountability.
    ~Quit hating, it’s not healthy.

  34. ChampionSound says:

    I can’t believe there is an entire message board devoted to Chris and his groupies. I know Chris better than anyone else on this board. He is a former teammate of mine (could be high school, college (Pitt or ODU), NBA, Russia, or Italy. Now try to figure out who I am!!

    Granted Chris has/had alot going on, but rapist?? Now that’s news to me. Never knew him to have to rape anyone. I’m sure I know a few of you chicks. I’m not racist, but I know were not talking about sistas here.

    If something truly went down, why did you put yourself in this position to begin with?? Perhaps you should follow suit with charges if you were violated. If your lying don’t bring on th embarassment.

    Are you folks from the east coast??

  35. Anonymous says:

    WEST COAST!!!!

  36. Golf Pro Girl says:

    WOW…. I was just trying to see if Chris was on Facebook so I could say “what up” and all this smack talkin is what I found. I had a MUCH different memory of a total gentleman who bragged about his baby girl at the time, had pics all over his house, sent me roses for my bday, flew me all over to JUST hang out, aksed if I needed money to shop… I said HELL NO by the way… hung out with his boys, stayed at his home, even when he was out of town, he called to arrange drivers for me… just a total class act. That is my memories of Chris and his friends that he helped try and get on their feet when he was in CA. was awesome!

    OK ladies… I’m not trying to minimize any of your stories but I was also a single mom with a dead beat dad and I would NEVER choose the web as a way to make things right. I took a vow to myself and for my daughter’s sake, that she would NEVER hear a bad word spoken about her dad out of my mouth. Even though he might deserve it… I knew it would do NOTHING but hurt HER. I am the parent, not my child, and it is MY duty to shelter her from any negative CRAP about her family.

    If what you say is true then bust your ass and take care of your kids and TRY and see that he does the same. If you thought you had a meal ticket because you got pregnant by an NBA player then you are a joke. Yes, I agree he should either, support his kids, keep it in his pants or cover his stuff but really… you should have thought about having to raise these kids SOLO… BEFORE you decided to have them out of wedlock. I knew dang well when I decided to have my daughter that reality is, I might be raising her BY MYSELF. I chose to do so WITH or WITHOUT her dads help. So the crap about almost being homeless is the moms fault. I worked 3 jobs and went to school to support me and MY DECISIONS with NO help from the dad but it was MY decision. So take it to the courts and do your duty to your children… but do it IN PRIVATE and with CLASS and dignity. You look cheap and are disrespecting your children AND yourself by opening up this crap online. I will defend my baby’s dad infront of her but yet I will be honest… BUT my PERSONAL feelings will not be shared with them or DEFINATLY not on a public website.

    Your kids need a classy, tenderhearted, MOM not a bitter, revengeful, angry, woman. I hear you and I sympathize… but girl you are causing more harm to ALL these kids acting out like this.

    Now on to the rape allegation… you’re kidding me right?? I am a VERY strong woman and I will NEVER speak on crap I shouldn’t or know nothing about… so because I’m gonna talk say’s something… all I gotta say is… take this to the police and your family or friends NOT here!!!! This public BS just discredits you in my opinion. You have NO business making these statements to anyone but a gov’t official, come on. NEXT!!!

    Like I said I was trying to see if he, Chris, was on Facebook to say whats up to an old friend. I’m sorry you girls are so angry but I can say from experience… you’re only hurting you and your children. Do things the right way and let go of the rest!!

    Much Love!

    PS… If anyone know’s who Chris’ best friend from NJ that was livin with him in his house in Orinda, CA… another light skinned brotha that you have no clue what his nationality is… LOL… we had a blast hangin out when I came to visit from Phx… Or was I still in Denver??? Dang to long ago;) BUT, What other golf pro did yall know, come on;) ???

  37. Gatling gun says:

    That Chris Gatling: i saw him at a harvest ball in Napa about ten years ago: my buddy and I had a bet: i bet his career scoring average was over 12 and my friend took the under. Gatling said his average was 13.7 and my friend was about to pay $100, but we looked it up and it was 10.3. I am still bitter, but clearly I am in the back of the line when it comes to this cat.

  38. Real info says:

    This guy Chris Gatling is a sucker all these stories i’ve herd are turn i know the guy first hand going to strip clubs doing drugs getting girls drunk stealing his new up date info”
    HE Worked at a loan modification company NMRA i called down their and was told he was fired because of stealing company money and let go at another company called RNM and so much more i got his cell number:602=502=6643 and the new company he just open up called: http://WWW.NATIONAL STANDARD FINANCIAL.COM HIS PICTURE WILL POP UP AN OFFICE INFO after all these kids and the guy has money to open up a business

  39. Real info says:

    sorry for all the type oooooooo

  40. Real info says:

    sorry baby moma’s chris is smart his company is under a freinds or partner name but call down there to any of those jobs at like payroll and say your child support division and need to know how much income chris made

  41. taylor says:

    This is true. Chris went out with at least 3 diff girls who worked in an office where I worked in SF from approx 1986-1995. The guy had a spell on some of the finest women at our place. All thin, sexy and fun. Met him a couple of times and couldn’t figure out the appeal. But he tagged em all.

  42. New Era says:

    It’s almost 2010! Isn’t it? Who really cares what was going on from 1986-1995. That’s 15-25 years ago.

  43. Anonymous says:


  44. Anonymous says:

    I cannot believe this crap! What a scumbag! Is he related to Tiger Woods?

  45. nceagles22 says:


    • Anonymous says:

      your cousin is a loser a thief and down right dirty..look for him on TMZ or ESPN soon stating that he is going to jail..rips off kids, takes money for lease payments on property he doesnt own.. squats in a house in paradise valley az for 15 months .. etc etc

  46. financiallydestroyed says:

    I wish I wouldve checked out this website before I got involved with his company. I thought he was legitimate. Has a nice office on Camelback. Was supposed to stop my foreclosure. But that didn’t happen. All a scam going on! Didn’t get the services promised and my house foreclosed. He was nice upfront, but then really showed how much of an asshole, very unprofessional in his language, and has a big attitude.guess that’s due to his bball days! Be ware of people like him!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Hahaha says:

    Chris is a loser! Listen to your instincts, you get the vibe right away. Hahaha. Don’t know why some women think they can change a man. So he was in the NBA…big deal. That was like 15 years ago & he couldn’t keep a job then. He’s old & creepy. Really a 42 year old man hanging out with young women…thats nasty! He’s 42 and has no direction by now, obviously he’s never going to have direction. He doesn’t even have a car lol.

    I do feel bad for the women that are victims and defenitly feel for the kiddo’s. Life is beautiful, too precious to be chasing a scumbag. If I had a kid by Chris, I wouldn’t claim him as the daddy lol. That’s real!
    Keep your heads up ladies! Much luv

  48. Hahaha says:

    BTW, nceagles22…what have you accomplished by putting your 2 cents in??? lol.

    You claim all these women look bad for talking about ‘YOUR COUSIN’. lol You look even worse for claiming the mutha*. I’d be like hell nah that’s not my cousin lol.

  49. Just met says:

    Ex-NBA player Chris Gatling is not the VP of Operations at his own mortgage company called “National Standard Financial”, 12425 E. Camelback, Phoenix,Az. Claims he can “help” people with refinancing their homes and touts many members of the NBA have his back. His business partner looked shady at best and it’ll be a cold day now that I’ve done a little research on him and his “reputation” to let him anywhere near my home!

  50. Just met says:

    ***Now, not not…sorry

  51. Doug says:

    According to, he made 29.5 million dollars playing basketball. Anybody with two functioning brain cells would be financially set for life, but from all the stories I’m reading here, it appears that he’s pretty much broke. He must have the IQ of a tree stump.

  52. someone says:

    i met Chris in Miami, 2002 i was dating him for some time, he was a gentleman, nice person, everyone loved him, many friends, always nice with me, always watching him every Miami Heat game, met my mother, my friends, my job, nothing bad to tell, (maybe cause iam really simple, worker person who never care about his fame or money and he knows that very well)…the he retired and moved to another city, I stayed in Miami because of my job so we separed, never hear about him again….so i hope he is doing just well. L

  53. […] of personal “issues” in recent years, and the fall out of these is all too evident in comments such as these posted on Say Hey: A Bay Area Sports Blog. WHAT TO DO NOW? Post a comment or leave a trackback: Trackback […]

  54. Quiet says:

    I met Chris a few years ago when he was living in Houston trying to open up a rinky dinky club off of I-45 and airtex. He was a nice guy, kinda quiet. I knew that he wasn’t doing financially well.

    He actually seemed a little slow to me.

  55. Angie says:

    How can you place all these lies about Chris when u know he s got kids? If he was a rapist than why nobody went to the police…Its all a bunch of crap!! All these women wanted Chris but he s just a man that loves female attention.Can you blame him he lived the star life!! Chris if you read this and you need any help contact me…I will email ac with my details!!And for you all… get a life!! Chris is a good person!!

  56. interesting says:

    This is a funny blog, that people would go out of their way to post such hateful things about a person. All of you claiming to be victims and all the time acting like the innocent. If you are a victim its because you allowed it. No one can do anything to you that you do not allow. You saw what you wanted to see in a person and blinded yourself to what might have been apparent.

    I say might have been because, I have known Chris for a few years now and like all of us he does what people allow him to do. Most of you I am sure had the intention of getting something from him. You saw that he had some success and fame and that appealed to you. So when the meal ticket wanted something in return it became a problem. It’s always easier to blame someone else for your own decisions. If your claims are indeed justified then take action legally and move forward with life.

    I know that Chris is trying to move forward and life is hard enough without trying to carrier all of our pass mistakes. Why don’t you all learn from them and do something different with your new found knowledge. Everyone falls short and some even more then others. When you have perfected this thing called life use your time to write a book about so everyone else in the world can get it right too.

    Chris if you read all of this stuff that people say, take heart in knowing that more people have love for you then not. Stay strong and never stop pushing to be a better person.

    Your Friend always

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah if u actually believe this.. You are just as stupid as the rest. Chris is a master and making people believe he is humble and “trying”. He was in the limelight for 10 years.. Don’t u think he gathered some skills from that? And game? Mad game.. Not the game u wanna play, or “ever” understand. U are probably just a regular person, every day. Ordinary. Chris is a different Cat. U are a fool to mess w that, u will never understand the breed. Don’t try, or u will be the biggest “fool” ever. EVER.

    • Anonymous says:

      You must not know him that well!! Because he is a loser!!!!!!!!! He ripped off a bunch of kids for their tournament fees and now they cant go to vegas because of him!! He is dirty and a liar!!!

  57. Anonymous says:

    Gat got caught in the face with a right jab by James Worthy

  58. Parent Scorned says:

    People SHOULD go out of their way to expose this LOSER!! The fact that he has kids (and I feel for them) does not mean he should be protected especially when he is now preying on children. It is HIS job to set a good example for his children!! The only thing Chris is “moving on” to is another group of victims he is a master manipulator and scam artist that can now add a team of unsuspecting teenage boys that admired and respected him, to his list of victims! He organized and coached a club basketball team (CBA) here in Phoenix, and like many others the kids and parents alike were swayed by his supposed love for the game and desire to share his wealth of knowledge and passion for basketball with these young impressionable kids. He preached to the kids about trust, respect, loyalty, commitment, integrity and importance of a good education, sadly we didn’t realize he meant from the school of HUSTLERS!! He gained enough trust from parents to nicely pad a team bank account with fees and donations that were supposed to cover uniforms, insurance, gym fees, training fees tournament and traveling fees only to take off with the money leaving the kids, parents and vendors holding the bag!! He graciously throws his name and “Ex-NBA” title around to get what he wants and without a second thought vanishes!! What kind of “man” does that to kids?? Our boys should be on their way, tonight, to Las Vegas to play in the Fab48, something they have been working relentlessly toward since the beginning of the year, and sadly we had to tell them that Chris left them with nothing and had to cancel the trip. Anyone that tries to defend this poor excuse for a human being in my book is equally as shallow!!! We have given him the opportunity to make this right and he has chosen not to, this won’t be the last you hear of his latest scam!!

  59. azgirl says:

    Update Chris is a Loser .. he is now robbing people off craigslist signing leases for properties that he doesnt own and taking thier deposits and 1st month rent and running.. he lived in a house in paradise valley az for the past year and never paid rent..did a scam on the real estate agent.. utilities on for more than a year and caused several thousand dollars of damage along with items missing in the house..He is going to be sued both by the owner of the house and the individual that he tried to lease to.. Good luck Chris they gonna come get you and put your ass in jail

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  61. texaschick says:

    wow….and i know this guy…smh…i am really amazed. he seemed really nice. if anyone needs to contact him i know whwere he stays in houston…just crazy

  62. Notwhatheseems says:

    Sociopaths are often charming and worm their way into your life. Something about this man isn’t quite right, but u can’t put your finger on it. They lie, cheat, steal, commit fraud, use people and discard them, seem self-centered, and don’t have a conscience. There is no remorse. Pay attention to the red flags, and your gut, that instinct that told u to run. He will convince u that he has been misunderstood. He lacks accountability. It will always be everyone elses fault. Always. No one makes millions of $$$ and has nothing to show for it. Except someone like Chris, who made bad decisions in his life. He will claim that it was the women, 3 different mothers, 3 different children. He blames them for all of his shortcomings. Or his parents, cousins… Or who ever mismanaged his money, he will blame them for stealing. He will pass the buck to anyone, rather than admiting that maybe he made really bad choices, and owning up to it. Personality disorders can’t be fixed, don’t try to help him, do yourself a favor, save u first and stay far away from him. Check out

  63. steroids for sale, buy steroids…

    […]Nostalgia: Whatever Happened To … Chris Gatling? « Say Hey: A Bay Area Sports Blog[…]…

  64. U wish U knew says:

    If anyone needs to contact Chris you can try his cell 602-317-1725. Maybe he can pay for his kids instead of his Range Rover…. 🙂
    If anyone needs his address let me know…

    • Anonymous says:

      Is he still walking free? Suppose he is blowing up Houston too by now, since it’s been a few months since he fled Phoenix, in Aug. 2011. Most of Arizona is still pissed off after his scandals ripping off parents, from the basketball (College Bound All-star) and renting a house in Paradise Valley not even his. The law is not going to stop him. For some reason he gets away not paying taxes in over two decades, or child support 10+ years. Go figure! He has a criminal mind that’s one thing for sure..

    • Anonymous says:

      This his mother and you need to mind you own bussiness and you knew the circumstances you would mind your own business. If you dfidnt know are all paid up as of dec 2011. If you have any questions call on my number

  65. Russian and ukrainian…

    […]Nostalgia: Whatever Happened To … Chris Gatling? « Say Hey: A Bay Area Sports Blog[…]…

  66. thetruth says: 1-602-317-1725…..maybe this will help. He is in NJ now.

  67. Anonymous says:

    I have know Chris for a while now. We have had our ups and downs but he has never tried to drug, rape or steal from me. He has always been a perfect gentalman and never made me feel threatened. I believe you all should worry more about what’s going on in your life than others. The world would be a better place :). If you are one of the mothers of his child, move on. I am a single parent myself. My kids dad don’t come around, I HAVE A JOB AND SUPPORT MY KIDS ON MY OWN. You should try that it might work out for you a little better than trying to chase someone who don’t want no part of the child/children. By the way, it’s a lot less stressful too. I’m not saying its right on the fathers part to bail but you need to think about the mental/emotional stress you are putting your kids thru by doing/saying the things you do/say about there father. Let them grow up and form there own opinion.

    MRS. GATLING- You have a wonderful son and did a good job raising him. Maybe one day I will have the pleasure of meeting you and Mr. Gatling.

    • Anonymous says:

      He doesn’t need to rape or drug you, if you are already sleeping with him. Of course, you are not a threat to him, you are providing security/stability to him. He needs you a lot more than you need him. You probably also want to rescue him or be his savior. That’s just natural human ego kicking in. I’m sure you think you are “different” from the rest too.. Whatever you need to tell yourself to continue to be with him, you are going to do it anyway. Go ahead meet his family, you will love them and they will love you too. Of course, theirs not many people left he hasn’t screwed over. When a person such as Chris moves state to state, and had the money he had.. He has damaged so many lives, beyond his children. He treated not just the money like it was disposable but the people too. You will not see the damage or destruction because you are in it. He may have already talked to you, about marriage and wanting more children. Those other women just dangled the children in front of him. It was all about money. He wants a “real” family he can love, touch and be with. In the same room. If any of that sounds familiar.. Just remember you never meet the “real man” until you try and leave him. Women have intuition for a reason, just be smart and use it. Love him all you want, but protect yourself. If you think you are the only one. Check his phone, and computer and the multiple sources he is involved on and don’t keepin buyin his bullshit. Chris is clever, and has plenty of down time to do other things. While you work, and tend to your child, you are probably not the only female he’s got. Protect your account #s, ssn and mail. Dont get involved with any of new “business” ideas for the moment, or use your name in any association with his. Save yourself the headaches of the long term turmoil he could take you to. He hasn’t affected your present but it’s your future at stake. I can’t tell you to run because you won’t, but what I can tell you is in a year, 2 or 3 you will wish you would have.

  68. thetruth says:

    Anonymous, you don’t even sound educated in your response,you can’t even write in proper English. Stupid is as stupid does. How did his mother do a good job raising a man who isn’t emotionally or financially responsible for his children. Sounds like you are talking out of both sides of your butt. Stop defending this broke down dead beat criminal. You are what’s wrong with a lot of women these days.

  69. Anonymous says:

    YOU ALL ARE STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Anonymous says:

    Chris…… is the coolest, badest, mother (watch your mouth) i have ever seen , i think you girls should get yourself some cable and flat screen, there’s some great drama series like ‘game of thrones’, “Spartacus” just naming two, leave this man alone bitterness is a lot of wasted emotion and energy, try forgiveness and watch how good you feel………

  71. Anonymous says:

    I know GATTY from Cali and oak town and he is a cool person ! He was generous and kind ! I was there when info on twins came to light and only knew him to be a proud poppa ! He is from a great family and has a centre named in his honor ! Women do and did some strange things on order to get with us ! Some for money, some for attention. I hope ALL hIs children are doing well ! BITTERNESS WILL SOLVE NOTHING , G. I.

    • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, exactly. 1. Alexis 2. Cali 3. Colby and he hasn’t claimed twins.. Although, he does occasionally forget which story he claims.. Sometime times mentions CJ or Chris junior but later tries to cover it w saying, oh I meant Colby. His mom has brought up the twins.. (1 girl 1 boy) in front of company. He later says how crazy she is, just calls them that cuz Cali ha a stepbrother around the same age and they look alike. Any way, he can’t keep his stories straight. I guess he thinks 3 kids sounds better than 5 or 7. Not sure which story he is reporting today..

  72. PhoenixAZlooking4Chris says:

    I know Chris and all the negative things that have been said are true. My Girlfriend and I were pretty close with Chris and seen how he used women and scammed them. He has also done the same thing to most of his friends. We are looking for his B!T** A** too

    • Anonymous says:

      for the people that are looking for him…really he is not hard to find…he has dating webpages and everything. honestly i think yall should let the man be…you look pathetic chasing this man down.

  73. bgk says:

    If you cannot say anything good about a person donot say any thing at without sin cast the first stone

  74. Theresa says:

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  75. Anonymous says:

    I love Chris ❤

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