A’s Roundup: Or, The Custian Chronicles

  • In this dismal summer, at least the A’s have Jack Cust. The phenom hit two home runs dingers in a 4-3 victory over Chicago, and suddenly Oakland has won nine of its last 14 in their quest for .500. Say Hey favorite Donnie Murphy also added a roundtripper, his fourth in the last 11 games. [SFGate]
  • Speaking of which, who needs Bobby Crosby, Mike Piazza and Rich Harden when you have Oakland’s “misfits”? [Athletics Nation]
  • Jack Cust and Babe Ruth? Those Chronicle sports blogs need some help. [The Drumbeat]
  • Here’s an interesting Moneyball-esque explanation of why Cust is so much better than Dan Johnson, despite all their apparent similarities. Teaser: the difference lies in how they make their outs. [Catfish Stew]
  • Mike Piazza shan’t be in a Mets uniform this year. Sandy Alomar Jr, maybe. [The FanHouse]
  • During the A’s-Tigers game on Monday, Detroit’s Placido Polanco broke the MLB record for most games without any error at second base: 144. His unusually large head remained as bulbous as ever. [ESPN]
  • Dan Meyer–the last remaining “piece” from the Tim Hudson trade–has been doing pretty well in the minors. [SFGate]
  • Meanwhile, the A’s added another Jack: Hannahan. JJ Furmaniak was sent sent down to Sacto to make room. [SFGate]
  • Also, Esteban Loaiza is ready to return. “Loaiza” would be a good Scrabble word. [Official Site]

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