Baron Davis Does Not Like O.J. Mayo

McDonald’s All-American and prized USC recruit O.J. Mayo hasn’t even played a college game yet, and he’s already garnered quite the reputation for poor sportsmanship and prima donna behavior. It’s one thing to create some controversy on the interwebs, but it might be a little out of line when you piss off an established NBA star and, as it happens, Los Angeles golden child:

Word is pickup basketball at UCLA got heated Monday when Golden State star point guard Baron Davis engaged in some trash-talking with heralded Southern Cal freshman point guard O.J. Mayo. Davis got upset with Mayo after he didn’t respect one of Davis’ calls. Word is Davis, a native of Los Angeles, told Mayo that he doesn’t know who he is other than the fact that he wasn’t from Los Angeles and he also needed to respect a veteran’s call.

People, respect the call! You do not want to get on the bad side of The Beard.

On the other hand, from Bull Durham to Michael Jordan/Kwame Brown, one of our most favorite things ever is when veteran players put cocky young guys in their place. Call it schadenfreude.

Baron: Who’s OJ Mayo? [Denver Post Blog, via The FanHouse]


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