Luke Whitehead, Unexpectedly Rappin’

It wasn’t too long ago that Luke Whitehead was one of the marquee high school basketball players in the Bay Area. After his time in the San Francisco sun, he went on to a solid four-year career at Louisville, where he became best known for falling on his head.

At the end of his senior year, Luke declared for the NBA Draft, but no team was willing to roll the dice on the onetime Cardinal. In June 2006, he was drafted in the seventh round of the NBA’s D League by the Sioux Falls Skyforce. Sadly, the Skyforce was not with Luke–see what we did there?–and he was cut in December of the same year.

So, since hoops didn’t quite work out, he did what anyone would do: he turned to rap. Luke can now be known by his alias in the hip hop community. Enter … L-Dubb:

Wow, that was unexpected!

The best part of the video is the 0:16 squat at center court with two fingers pointed to a cartoon bird. That’s street cred, yo.

11 Responses to Luke Whitehead, Unexpectedly Rappin’

  1. scat says:

    12,000? look at all that “skrilla” he’s throwing around in his video. he MUST be doing well.

  2. Jayno says:

    Lame!!! Great article tho.

  3. Say Hey says:

    But the song is catchy …

  4. Ant says:

    Luke Whithead was injured last season in the NBADL, but he’s still ballin’. He was the MVP of the San Francisco Pro-Am last summer. And his music is tight. So Stop Hatin’.

  5. Bay Area Hoop Fan says:

    I saw Luke Whitehead play for a private Catholic HS in SF against a public SF HS
    Luke played the whole game and scored 40 points, but Kenny Walls for the other
    team subbed in and out and scored 38 pts and beat Luke’s team by 2. In the
    closing 2 minutes of the game Luke had the ball twice right under his own basket
    and failed to put in the winning shot! It looked like he was scared of Walls, because
    during the whole game Luke and his team-mates were virtually looking at the bottom
    of the 6-5″ Wall’s Nike’s!!! This was Luke’s sophmore season after this he transferred
    to Virginia to play for that national HS powerhouse, Mouth of the Oak HS. After arriving
    at Louisville, Luke had his chance to start and lead the Cardinals to atleast a NCAA
    Final Four. This never occurred, as for MVP of the SF Pro-am? Well believe this the
    SF Pro-am league is hardly anything close to any NBA D-league! Sure Luke averaged
    over 20 points a game but he took 40-50 shots a game to do it!! At 6-6″ Luke hardly
    scares anybody, he can handle the ball pretty good, and he can rebound pretty good.
    but he can’t guard anyone, he is a ball-hog (at least in the SF Pro-Am he was), and he
    doesn’t shoot a very high FG % plus his 3-point shooting % is even worse! Luke will
    just be another local HS stand-out who couldn’t make it to the NBA. I’m not hating
    but I’m calling like I see it. When Luke was a soph in HS here in SF there was so much
    hype about him it seemed he would be destined for stardom, But after I saw him in that
    game against Walls, and by the way the game was played on his home-court, it was the
    rich white catholic HS against the public SF ghetto HS, and when Luke didn’t lift his
    team to victory I wasn’t impressed, you can take that to the bank and cash it!!!

  6. Rick says:

    Luke Whitehead is playing ball in Australia for the Gold Coast Blaze and he’s still got Game! He has a successful entertainment company called W.W. Ent. and a new dvd available at
    So Stop Hatin’ and Do something with your Life!

  7. Scott C. says:

    I used to run Luke Whitehead off the court at Mullins Park before he moved to San Fransisco. I was the MVP of the league over him and I rap better.

  8. Shawn S. says:

    We all know who got to wear #8 in that league though.

  9. Mullins Park says:

    Luke only went anywhere because his sister was the real balla in the family… Luke was all hype. Damonte Fagan ran laps around him.

  10. My fellow on Facebook shared this link with me and I’m not dissapointed at all that I came here.

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