Barry Bonds, Rap Muse know you’ve made it when a famous rapper “drops” your name in one of his verses, but when your name is the song and you are a metaphor for the entire album, well, that’s an entirely different stratosphere.

On Kanye West’s upcoming Graduation LP, a track called “Barry Bonds” is expected to be one of the hit singles. The chorus goes “Here’s another hit, Barry Bonds” and Lil’ Wayne will be featured on the track as well:

As he’s been doing on “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” its remix and “Stronger,” West uses “Barry Bonds” in part to proclaim his continued evolution as one of the top lyricists in the game.

“You should go ‘head and bow so hard that you knees hit your fo’head,” he raps over slow synths. “And the flow just hit code red/ Top five MCs, you ain’t gotta remind me/ Top five MCs, you gotta rewind me/ I’m high up on the line, you could get in behind me/ But my head’s so big, you can’t sit behind me.”

Now, we’re pretty sure that Kanye’s reference to his big head is a wink-wink to his infamous ego, but a bulbous dome line in a song titled “Barry Bonds” is just brilliant.

Also, Barry Bonds as the poster child for human evolution is a bit sci-fi scary.

The new album will be released on September 11.

Kanye West And Lil Wayne Counting On ‘Barry Bonds’ For A Hit Single [MTV]


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