Monday Bloody Monday: Are YOU Ready For Some Football Athletic Contests?

  • 49ers mascot Sourdough Sam 1, Raiders gorilla thing 0. Silly gorilla, the field area is just for real mascots.
  • Unlike the past several seasons, this year’s Niners squad has plenty of depth, which in turn is creating loads of competition for starting slots and roster spots. Of course, this development pleases Mike Nolan. Along with the o-line, the wide receivers have the sharpest competition ahead of them. Arnaz Battle and Darrell Jackson are pretty much engraved into the starting lineup, but there are five guys behind them competing for three (possibly four) spots. Ashley Lelie and Bryan Gilmore looked the best on Saturday, but one of them has a girl’s name and the other should spell his first name with an “i.” Taylor Jacobs, despite having two first names, has had the best training camp. Toss in a pair of high draft picks you probably don’t want to give up on just yet (second-year man Brandon Williams and rookie Jason Hill), and you’ve got quite the pickle. [SFGate]
  • Speaking of Mr. Lelie, he probably shouldn’t have tried to eke more money out of the Broncos back in 2006. [The FanHouse]
  • Meanwhile, the aforementioned o-line competition is heating up, with a rookie looming large. Get it, large? Linemen? Nevermind. [Inside Bay Area]
  • One of the best features on the official 49ers site is “Nolan’s Notebook,” a frequently updated, expansive Q&A article that has the coach answering all the teams’ hot button issues. [Official Site]
  • A quick analysis of the game expresses some worry over the defense. [Niners Nation]
  • Alex Smith is going to be very, very good. Small hands, be damned. [Mercury News]
  • There’s reason for optimism in the Bay. Cautious optimism, but still. [Fear the Beard]
  • John Clayton thinks the 49ers feel the same way. [ESPN]
  • Anyone remember the 49ers’ new helmet design in 1991 that was scrapped almost immediately? [Uni Watch]

Around the rest of the National Football League:

  • Serra boy Tom Brady gets photoshopped … and to all those involved, we give you the slow clap from Cool Runnings. [Fark, via KSK]
  • The All-Bust Team. Oh, Robert Gallery. [The Angry T]
  • Kenny Chesney and Peyton Manning Drew Brees!, sittin’ in a tree … [100% Injury Rate]
  • Pacman Jones is suspended for the year, so he’s making a rap album. Well, duh. [Deadspin]
  • Adrian Peterson = Rookie of the Year? [KSK]
  • And on a lighter note, Michael Vick’s 53 abandoned dogs will probably have to be euthanized. That’s totally going to help Vick’s public image.  And his eternal damnation. [The FanHouse]

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