Giants Roundup: Mo-men-tum?

  • Now that the Bonds hoopla has come and gone, the Giants (spearheaded by the kids) are starting to play some pretty good baseball. But don’t call them spoilers. The five-game winning streak is a testament to the young kids that should’ve been playing in April. [SFGate]
  • Um, what about the Giants’ rebuilding plan? Oh, that’s right, they don’t have one yet. [McCovey Chronicles]
  • Omar Vizquel was claimed by an unknown team off waivers, but wasn’t dealt by the Giants, so he’ll finish the year in SF. [ESPN]
  • The key to Giants’ Florida success? They did the little things, like stranding inherited runners and neutralizing the Marlins’ big guns. [Official Site]
  • Russ Ortiz’s arm is not hearty. Still, Dusty should’ve kept him in. [SFGate]
  • Dan Ortmeier continues to impress the ranks. He has “big boy power.” [El Lefty Malo]
  • Some guy did some math, and figured that if Barry Bonds played in more hitter-friendly park, he’d be around 914 home runs. [The FanHouse]
  • Randy Messenger is on the DL with a fractured hand because he punched a plastic equipment cart after blowing a game in Atlanta. He’s out four to six weeks. [Official Site]
  • Matt Murphy, the Queens kid who caught #756, is selling his jersey and his hat from the fateful foggy evening. Shockingly, not many people on the eBays want a sweaty hat for $100. [100% Injury Rate]
  • Up next, we get to see just how hot these Gigantes really are, because they get some of the best teams: Chicago, Milwaukee and Colorado await.

One Response to Giants Roundup: Mo-men-tum?

  1. tsos20 says:

    The Giants have had the best player in baseball for years and wasted the advantage. They have never backed him up with qualiity. If teams would have had to pitch to Bonds, the Giants could have been great. Instead he was always walked and usually was left on base.

    This wasn’t a year to be playing kids. It was a year to bring in a few other guys who could hit to make teams pitch to Bonds. It may have been their last chance. Shame on the Giants management. Whre was the Willie McCovey to back up Barry Bonds?
    The Sultan on Sports

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