Italy V. Latvia: Belinelli And Biedrins Go Head To Head

A pair of the Warriors’ young cornerstones have been tearing up this so-called “Europe” in summer international play. After watching the above footage from the August 12th Italy-Latvia game, here some brief thoughts on the two Euros:

  • Andris Biedrins looks like he’s just going to continue to improve with age. He’s going to get stronger and he’s already one of the quicker centers (or big men) in the league. He can get that weird hook shot anytime he wants, but can he make it consistently?
  • Biedrins’ hands are amazing. He catches everything everything around the basket and finishes with striking ease. Yeah, striking.
  • AB’s dominating the world: 29 and 11 against Turkey.
  • Marco Belinelli has no compunctions about tossing up shots. We’re not sure who’s drooling more about the upcoming season: Marco or Nellie’s offense.
  • Belinelli might be the our favorite “unexpected dunker.” Other candidates include Reggie Miller, Monta Ellis and Kirk Hinrich.
  • Belinelli’s fade-away cannot be stopped. If he can perfect his arsenal of quick-release threes and off-balance fades with regularity, he’ll have a home in the league for a long time.
  • Also, it’s good to see Andris is still looking mighty tan.

[Via Golden State of Mind]

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