A New Bearded Wonder, An Old Barry Unearthed!

The KNBR Morning Show pointed this out earlier today, but we thought we’d share the photographic evidence: Barry Zito’s recent surge/success/sprezzatura is almost decidedly a result of his newly-grown beard. Last night, he tossed yet another gem (eight innings, two runs) against the first-place Cubbies. Of course, the Giants still managed to blow it, but Zito clearly (hopefully) has his confidence back.

And you know why?

The Beard brings Swagger.

We saw what it did to Baron and the Boys during that magical playoff run.

Think about it. Last week, we spent some time comparing the 2007 Giants with the team from Major League. You fabulous commenters, however, made the best call of the day: pairing Barry Zito with the yuppified version of Rick Vaughn from Major League 2. Perfect fit, right? Right.

Well now, just like the end of the sequel, the Wild Thing version of Barry Zito has returned.

For Rick Vaughn, it took a leather vest, zigzag haircut and orange glasses.

For Barry Zito, it just took a shaggy beard for him to rediscover the free-wheeling, guitar-strumming, always-smiling Barry Zito everyone knows and loves.

We missed you Barry. Welcome back.

(Bonus: Here’s the video clip where the Wild Thing returns. It’s in Italian, but since everyone knows the lines anyway, it makes it even better.)

[Photo courtesy: AP Photo/Ben Margot]


2 Responses to A New Bearded Wonder, An Old Barry Unearthed!

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