Adonal Foyle: A Video Appreciation

If you haven’t heard, Adonal Foyle signed with the Orlando Magic today. We originally ran the following “video appreciation” back in April. We feel the least we can do to commemorate Adonal’s storied tenure in the Bay is to resurrect it for a day.

With all this playoff buzz and beard talk, everyone has seemed to forget about Adonal Foyle, probably the truest Warrior of all-time (sorry Ron Ron). He’s a real humanitarian and a great guy all around. As for his basketball prowess, well, he averaged two points this year and is currently mired on the bench. Since he’s not “playing” these days, we scoured the youtubes for the finest Adonal moments of all time. Consider it a reminder of those halcyon lottery days of yesteryear.

The best parts might be Jim Barnett’s matter-of-fact commentary, like “We’ve seen that a couple of times from Adonal this year” and “Well, it looked worse than it actually was.”


2 Responses to Adonal Foyle: A Video Appreciation

  1. B says:

    Ouch (5 times).

  2. yee says:

    hahah wat a loser

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