Nostalgia: Whatever Happened To … Mike Aldrete? who played youth baseball knows about the “Mike Aldrete” kid: the nice left-handed hitter who has a super sweet swing but no speed, power or defensive prowess.

Mike Aldrete was a Northern California kid. A Carmel native, he lettered in the three big sports at Monterey High, then went on to play ball at Stanford. He cracked into the bigs with the Giants in 1986 and had his best year in 1987, hitting an impressive .325 as the team went to the NLCS (stupid Jose Oquendo).

After his stint with the Giants, he did some traveling, making stops in Montreal, Cleveland, San Diego, Oakland, Anaheim (or, as it was known back then, California), New York and Syracuse. He filled in admirably for the injured Mark McGwire in 1993 with the A’s and later won a World Series ring with the 1996 Yankees.

In 2003, he scored the first base coach job with the Seattle Mariners, who were then managed by his good buddy and former Giant Bob Melvin. In 2005, when Melvin took over the Arizona Diamondbacks, he brought Aldrete along, and Aldrete is currently the DBacks’ hitting coach. He lives in Monterey with his family in the offseason.

Coming off the bench to pinch hit in those 1987 games, Mike was always a personal childhood favorite of ours.

Mike Aldrete [Baseball Reference]

5 Responses to Nostalgia: Whatever Happened To … Mike Aldrete?

  1. Say Hey says:

    Also, Chris Berman referred to him as Mike “Enough” Aldrete. You know, like “Enough Already!” Oh, that Boomer …

  2. Mikey says:

    Might as well support, not root, for the Dback to take the west with all the bay area ties. Matty Williams in the booth, Aldrete, Brenly’s in the mix from time to time, CoJack is a Stanford grad, Byrnes is a local product, and I think there is a couple of more…

  3. tsos20 says:

    He must be a nice guy. Not much other reason for his career to have lasted so long. Especially since he was a powerless 1st baseman. Maybe he’s 1 of those marginal players who later becomes a good coach.
    The Sultan on Sports

  4. iamratedg says:

    i was expecting to read about mike doing something else that doesn’t involve baseball. it would be interesting. nice headline.

  5. Mario A says:

    I attended Monterey High School and had Mike in a couple of my classes: Analytical Geometry (Trig) and Chemistry). I recall he would show up to class with just a thin “peachy” folder and I would have to lug a couple of thick binders. He seemed to always score pretty high on exams. Seemd he could do anything he put his mind to. Extremely smart.

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