Monday Bloody Monday: Niners’ Loss Leaves Optimism Behind (Hopefully) an embarrassing performance from the starting unit, the 49ers may have realized that being the sexy preseason sleeper team doesn’t mean that you’re good yet.

Ever since the experts anointed the 49ers as the team most expect to make “the jump” this year, we’ve been worried that it’s inevitable that the 49ers will disappoint. [Note: we have similar trepidation about the upcoming Warriors’ season as well. We’re worriers. More on the W’s later in the week.]

The Niners are young. They are talented, but despite Mike Nolan’s warnings, it’s easy to see the young kids get overconfident with all the positive buzz surrounding the upcoming season. Hopefully, Saturday’s dismal first half by the starters will turn on some lightbulbs.

To recap the lows:

  • The defense allowed 31 points … in the first halfto Rex “The Sex Cannon” Grossman, who was last seen being extraordinarily mediocre in the Super Bowl, fumbling away the Bears’ championship hopes.
  • Alex Smith completed two–two!–passes for ten–ten!–entire yards in the first half.
  • Star running back Frank Gore will go into the first game of the season without any real contact. Oh, and he already has a fumbling problem.
  • If the preseason is any indication, Frank Gore has no viable backup. Gore’s current injury should be a closed book in a week or two, but in the NFL, injuries are almost a given (especially with Gore’s injury history), and the running game has been dismal without Frank-Geezy. Throw in the fact that the Niners appear to be a run-centric team, and you’ve got a developing situation.
  • Just how much will the Niners miss Norv Turner? If the preseason is any indication (which it very well might not be), they will miss him a lot.

In a lot of ways, we wish the media would be centering their attention and Cinderella tales around the Arizona Cardinals or the Detroit Lions. But what’s done is done. The kids better start to realize that wins are not like media passes or attention deficit disorder; you have to earn wins.


2 Responses to Monday Bloody Monday: Niners’ Loss Leaves Optimism Behind (Hopefully)

  1. sfgfan says:

    To be fair to Alex Smith and the passing aspect of their offense, the game plan was probably to get more looks at Robinson and Hicks. You can’t really say the game plan in the preaseason (and by extension, the success of the team) is really an indication of how it’ll be in the preseason. Bland playcalling (which is what the 49ers have had, so far) could be expected. The team is gameplanning with the idea of getting better looks at their own players rather than gameplanning to “counter” their opponent.

  2. DG says:

    Touche, sfgfan.

    I’m far more concerned about the CBs being burned badly. That has way less to do with scheme than ability. Playcalling can be fixed during the season. Lack of talent? Not so much.

    Hopefully they’re just rusty. Walt was a pro-bowler last year and this was his first preseason game. They’ll get Aubrayo, and BY back for the opener as well. Somehow I suspect it’s gonna take some time for the D to come together, though.

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