Nostalgia: Whatever Happened To … Dave Henderson?

Ah, the other Henderson in the Oakland outfield.

In so many ways, “Hendu” was the exact opposite of Rickey: a workmanlike, unassuming and underrated outfielder. And like the earlier-discussed Mike Aldrete, Dave Henderson had stints with both the Giants and A’s.

Born just south of the Bay in Merced, Hendu came up with the Seattle Mariners in 1981. Baseball fans around the nation probably best remember him for his ALCS-clinching home run in the ninth inning as a member of the 1986 Boston Red Sox.

During the tail end of the 1987 season, he was traded to San Francisco but after a mere 15 games in orange and black, he signed with the A’s during the offseason. In Oakland, he resurrected his career, setting career highs in average (.304), doubles (38) and hits (154). He was an All-Star in 1991 (when he hit behind Rickey Henderson).

He finished his 14-year career in 1994 after a season with the Kansas City Royals, which is enough to make anyone want to retire.

Hendu is currently a broadcaster for the Seattle Mariners. He also sponsors a host of “baseball adventures.” We will always remember Hendu for his slight resemblance to David Allen Grier.

Dave Henderson [Wikipedia]

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