The Giants And Zito Are Thriving In The Post-756 Era

The scruffy Barry Zito didn’t get the win, but the Giants beat the Rockies for their fifth win in a row while Zito continued his hot streak: seven innings, four hits, one run, seven k’s and perhaps most importantly, just one lone walk.

The Giants, in the midst of a stretch that sees them playing 30 games in 31 days, are easily playing their best ball of the year, which makes us wonder just how much of an effect the Bonds Home Run Extravaganza Circus Fun Time had on the team.

Some number-crunching:

  • Pre-756, the Giants had a .432 winning percentage (48-63).
  • Post-756, the Giants have a .571 winning percentage (12-9).
  • Pre-756 Zito averages (24 appearances): 5.5 innings per game, 3.16 earned runs, 3.67 strikeouts, 2.62 walks
  • Post-756 Zito averages (four starts): 7.0 innings per game, 1.5 earned runs, 5.75 strikeouts, 1.5 walks
  • Pre-756 Zito ERA: 5.13
  • Post-756 Zito ERA: 1.92
  • Pre-756 Matt Cain ERA (22 starts): 3.93
  • Post-756 Matt Cain ERA (four starts): 2.33
  • Pre-756 Barry Bonds: .277 average, 22 HR in 384 plate appearances (17.45:1)
  • Post-756 Barry Bonds: .352 average (12-34), 5 HR in 50 plate appearances (10:1)

Obviously, the sample sizes should be acknowledged, but considering that the recent surges have come against playoff contenders (Atlanta, Milwaukee, Chicago, Colorado) in the doldrums of the dog days of summer, there’s something here (optimism?) nonetheless.

Giants turn it up in eighth to beat Rockies, win 5th straight [ESPN]

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[Photo Courtesy: Official Site]


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