Vote Crab In The Best Mascot Bracket

crab_in_action.jpgWe’d like to introduce you to Home Run Derby’s Best MLB Mascot competition. The Giants have a pair of entries: in the Critter Division, Crazy Crab is a number two seed and Lou Seal is a number three seed. Oakland’s Stomper is a number two seed in the Mammal Division.

But one thing must happen: Crazy Crab must win.

In his first round, Crazy Crab is up against the Rockies’ Dinger, a pointless purple dinosaur. The polls for this round are open until Wednesday at midnight. Let’s flood the vote, people.

If you need a reminder of how great the Crab is/was, check out our Nostalgia feature on the loopy crustacean’s history (includes video).

If Crazy Crab can win this tourney, he will be forever enshrined in the consciousness of American sports fans everywhere.

A vote for the crab is a vote for peace and love.

Say “Yes” to crabs!

MLB Mascot Brackets – Crazy Crab vs Dinger [Home Run Derby]

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One Response to Vote Crab In The Best Mascot Bracket

  1. Richie Rich says:

    Unfortunately, Lou Seal has already exited the tournament, courtesy of Billy the Marlin.

    However, Lou Seal can be avenged by The Crab in the next round. If he wins this one.

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