The Bonds Auction Does Not Start With A Bang

The online auction for Barry Bonds’ historic home runs balls isn’t going so well. To be more specific, it ain’t going.

To catch you up to speed, #755 and #756 went on auction about 24 hours ago. Baseball souvenir enthusiasts (?) will recall that #755 was caught by a plumber from La Jolla and #756 was caught by the 21-year-old kid from Queens, Matt Murphy. Initial estimates put Murphy’s ball somewhere in the half-million dollar range, which would be quite the payday for young New Yorker. Well, in theory. Why the pessimism? Well …

The online auction can be tracked at SCP Auctions and thus far, there have been more crickets and tumbleweed than bids since technically speaking, there have been zero bids:


Also, Matt Murphy tried to sell the jersey he wore during the fabled game. He put his ketchup-stained Jose Reyes jersey on the eBays for $100 and … not one person bid on it (note the special high-tech graphics):


He closed the “bidding” a couple days ago. Ouch.

The Road To History [SCP Auctions]


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