A Belinelli Nickname Update, Via Italy

Many of you may remember our search for a nickname for Marco Belinelli earlier this summer. We got a lot of great suggestions and the jury’s still out, so continue to submit those ideas.

In the meantime, we’ve been getting some feedback from real Italian readers, including a plethora of ideas from one Andrea Baggio. Actually, he said that most of ours–and yours–were “ridiculous,” “insulting” and “worst,” though some were OK in his Italian eyes. But, like all constructive criticism, he offered some assistance, in the form of a lot of inspired suggestions. We’re partial to “Confused.”

hi guys,
I’m an italian fan
please listen to me:

I can suggest:
-) CECCHINO” (chek-kee-no). it means “sniper”.
-) IL SANTO – (as IL MAGO for bargnani) it means “the saint”; it reminds something of otherwordly.
-) BELìN – it means “dick” “cock” in Genoa dialect but is smoth to hear. It let imagine something that slips away or better something that squeezes on everywhere.

Ummmmmm …

-) SVAMPITO it means “hare-brained” like he seems.
-) CONFUSED he seams always like that.
-) IL GUARDIANO (because he is a guard); it means”watchman”; maybe it is not the world to recognize him.

Well, Adonal Foyle won’t be able to take that nickname anymore.

-) IL GIUDIZIO it means “the judgement”
-) BELLI CAPELLI it means “nice hear” and we use that to call someone who likes to the peaople likes him.
-) IL DUCA or THE DUKE because his noble figure

Tim Hardaway does not approve of this nickname.

-) OMBRA it means “shadow”. his plays remind a killer who shoots coming from shadows.

Insert OJ Simpson joke here.

-) IL PRINCIPE it means “the prince” but it would be not original.
-) GARISENDA (Bologna has two medieval towers. the big one is Asinelli, the small one is Garisenda)
-) EMILIO (he comes from the county of Emilia, Emily)
-) SONNO it means “sleep” (you can imagine why)
-) IL SONNAMBULO it means someone who walks sleepin

Now, we’re not quite clear on some of these suggestions–particularly Belin, the towers and the “sleep” references at the end–but we do like Il Santo and Cecchino (and Confused obviously).

Anyway, with training camp on the horizon, look for a little more Warriors news around these here parts. And keep the nicknames a-coming.

Marco Belinelli Needs A Nickname [Say Hey]


One Response to A Belinelli Nickname Update, Via Italy

  1. brian harp says:

    ive been thinking 4 awhile and since hes from italy i think its appropriate for his nickname to be the “ittallion Stallion’

    how do you like it?

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