And That’s The Preseason. Finally. god the preseason is over. With the preseason too long to begin with as it is, the 2007 version could not end soon enough. Let’s get this thing started and turn the page from the 49ers’ woeful August.

The 49ers looked terrible once again in last night’s 16-13 loss to the San Diego Chargers.

In particular, it was another ugly performance by Alex Smith; in almost two quarters of play, he compiled a 6.2 passer rating (23 yards, interception, fumble, one first down).

Vernon Davis, meanwhile, mocked Shawne Merriman’s “sack dance” after a reception, garnering boos from the crowd and groans from Niners fans with still-fresh memories of TO.

To make matters even worse, The Brain Trust Behind YouTube Sports didn’t even pick the Niners to make the Super Bowl. He did, however, spend all damn day putting quarters into the little machines at the local Kentucky Safeway, trying desperately to get the correct mini-helmets. Excellent props, Kige. Shake those helmets! It means you’re serious!

[Sidenote on our man-crush on Kige Ramsey: if you haven’t done so, you should probably check out his blog. He writes like he speaks. According to his Monday post, Alberto Gonzalez was forced out by the liberals (aka left-wing mo-rons) in Congress!]


2 Responses to And That’s The Preseason. Finally.

  1. sfgfan says:

    Mocking someone else’ celebration isn’t so bad. I don’t know if LT was the first to do that celebration where one hand is kind of behind the ear while the other is extended and holding the football before just flipping the football away, but Frank Gore did it last year and no one even noticed (or said a thing about it).

    I think players have fun with each other. I guess, if I were playing, I’d find it funny when someone copies (or mocks) one of my celebrations, as they’d probably be pretty ugly.

  2. Say Hey says:

    @sfgfan: I agree in principle. Too often, people make a fuss about a celebration when it’s not a big deal. I thoroughly enjoy wacky antics on the field. TO’s pom-pom celebration? Genius. The Icky Shuffle? A landmark in NFL history.

    With Vernon Davis though, I’d rather see him establish himself as a good player first, since–for all intents and purposes–he hasn’t done squat in the league. It’s one thing for Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens to pull the ostentatious celebration, but VD’s bark has already well surpassed his bite.

    Plus, the NFL’s supposedly cracking down on celebrations, so VD’s got to be careful not to draw penalties in real games, particularly in key situations when emotions are running high.

    (Let’s also point out that VD and Merriman are college buddies, so it was in good fun. Not mention preseason.)

    (Did I call the shit squat?)

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