Labor Day Recap

  • Behind DeSean Jackson’s spectacular punt return (above), Cal got some sweet, sweet revenge on Tennessee, proving that the top three teams in the Pac-10 can match up well with other conferences’ top three. [SFGate]
  • Of course, one of those top three teams put a lickin’ on Stanford. [LA Times]
  • You know how one of the storylines of the Giants’ season has been Matt Cain as the hard luck loser? Well, yesterday in Colorado, Cain actually earned a loss for once. The loss comes on the heels of dropping two of three to the Nationals. [SFGate]
  • After winning the weekend series against the Detroit Tigers, the A’s fell to the Angels. Ervin Santana dominated. There’s a sentence you won’t see again for a while. [ESPN]
  • In the U.S. Open, the men’s bracket is going predictably, more or less: Federer-Roddick and Nadal-Djokovic showdowns loom. In the ladies’ tourney, the Williams sisters are alive and well, but play big matches tonight. [Official Site]

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