About Say Hey

Say Hey is a celebration of sports, specifically those dealing with Bay Area teams, including but not limited to the Giants, A’s, Niners, Warriors and Sharks. We’ll post and update often and meticulously, with daily roundups of your favorite teams, interesting video clips and maybe even a “joke” or two mixed in the posts.

Please feel free to contact Say Hey sayheyblogATgmail.com.


16 Responses to About Say Hey

  1. grg says:

    I like the stories. We do stories on steroids in sports. Send some tips my way.


  2. O says:

    You guys gotta show some love for the SaberCats, at least they’re more relevat than the Raiders.

  3. Mike White says:

    Do you feature Cal and Stanford as well?

  4. Say Hey says:

    Hey Mike,

    Yeah, we’re equal opportunity employers. Lately, Cal & Stanford haven’t been in the news much though.

    College World Series time is a-coming …

  5. dimmykarras says:

    Why no Raiders? Although they suck, they are kind of interesting.

    I like the blog–it seems witty, topical, and frequently updated, from what I see on my first time here. Clearly you have taken a page from Deadspin’s playbook, but why must you copy Will Leitch’s annoying use of the royal “we”?

  6. Rocco says:

    GREAT SITE, we have a sports blog as well, interested in doing a link exchange? shoot us an email if ya are.

  7. PittPSR says:

    Nice Bay area sports blog!

    Wanted to contact you guys about a link partnership idea. We at Pittsburgh Pro Sports Report, which we cover Pittsburgh pro sports, the Pirates, Steelers and Penguins , along with 6 other blogs are forming a Behind Enemy Lines city sports alliance. What we are doing is finding blogs like us, ones that cover all of a city’s pro sports, not just one team. We are unique blogs in our coverage of all professional sports within our respective cities.

    We plan to link to one another and form a city sports alliance. Our hopes are that we will generate traffic for one anopther by having links and referring to one another’s site at time sin posts. The alliance will be really informal except maybe a separate Category of links titled Behind Enemy Lines or something like that, and then during the seasons when we play one another, such as Pirates Vs. Giants, possibly give each other a shout out and link to a story or something like that, basically help promote one another? It also gives our respective readers a place to go for opposition research. By driving to traffic to one another and increasing our hits, we will gain new exposrue, new readers and increased hits, all things that can help each of us gain new avdertising dollars, as well as provide oru readers with a fuller, more complete expereince.

    Were contacting you because your site meets the 3 main cirteria…active updating, covering all sports, and excellent content. Currently we have an impressive 6 City Sports blogs that have agreed to form this. Represented are: Washington DC (www.dcprosportseport.com) Pittsburgh ( http://www.pittsburghprosportsreport.blogspot.com ) Boston (http://www.bostonsportz.com ), Philadelphia ( http://allphiladelphiasports.com/), Baltimore ( http://www.thelosscolumn.com/) and Arizona ( http://www.azsportshub.com/). Just a friendly link partnership to one another to help increase traffic for all. We each do something completely different than your average teams blog, we cover an entire city’s pro sports venues.

    Interested? Thoughts?
    email us at PittPSR@gmail.com

    Matt, Aaron and Alex

  8. I’ve been reading this for a few months and I’ve got to say how entertaining it is. Thank you for leaving out the Raiders!!! Anyway, I’ve started my own blog, using this one as my inspiration, for a cause I am trying to promote. I am trying to get 25,000 signatures on a petition to bring the Giants back to The ‘Stick for one last game! Please visit my blog at http://onemoreatthestick.wordpress.com/ and give me your thoughts. From one Bay Area fan to another, thank you!

  9. pasquale napoli says:

    i think you need to post some belinelli videos with the national team

  10. squaretan says:

    Hey hi there brother. Can we exchange blogroll? ^^ DO you have an email? Cheers and take care.

  11. Mario C. says:

    Great blog!

    I run a baseball card blog with lots of Jose Canseco posts and what not.
    Would you be interested in a blogroll?

    Thank you.


  12. Avila says:

    So I am deleting this site from my favorites. I was enjoying your site while it was being updated. The lack of new content makes me not want to look anymore. If you want me to add this site back, send me an email.

    good luck

  13. Kccal says:

    Hey want to exchange blogroll, I think our blogs have similar interests


  14. Phenomenal says:

    Nice to have you back up and running. “the kanye west of you tube sports clips…”

  15. bayareasportsguru says:

    I like your stories. I too am a huge fan of all of the Bay Area sports!

  16. Nazaar says:

    I like your site, I just started a similar sports site for my city, Toronto, and I am new to wordpress blogging. I was just looking for ideas how it all works.

    excellent site!

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