A Cameo On The Blog Show

August 28, 2007

We’re happy to announce that Say Hey got a nice shout-out on the 20th episode of the Washington Post Live’s Blog Show. Since it’s the last episode before Labor Day, Jamie Mottram and Dan Steinberg–two blogfathers of the sports interwebs–looked back on the best of the summer that was. Among the myriad estival highlights was our little Stomper breakdancing clip (2:35 mark). Who said that Oakland never contributed anything to civilization?

Other highlights include Mr. Met getting his bhangra on, Brady Quinn’s photo gallery of beauty and the lost YouTube of Chris Farley’s Christian Laettner recreation reimagining.

Blog Show No. 20: ‘The Summer of Blog’ [Mister Irrelevant]

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Vote Crab In The Best Mascot Bracket

August 28, 2007

crab_in_action.jpgWe’d like to introduce you to Home Run Derby’s Best MLB Mascot competition. The Giants have a pair of entries: in the Critter Division, Crazy Crab is a number two seed and Lou Seal is a number three seed. Oakland’s Stomper is a number two seed in the Mammal Division.

But one thing must happen: Crazy Crab must win.

In his first round, Crazy Crab is up against the Rockies’ Dinger, a pointless purple dinosaur. The polls for this round are open until Wednesday at midnight. Let’s flood the vote, people.

If you need a reminder of how great the Crab is/was, check out our Nostalgia feature on the loopy crustacean’s history (includes video).

If Crazy Crab can win this tourney, he will be forever enshrined in the consciousness of American sports fans everywhere.

A vote for the crab is a vote for peace and love.

Say “Yes” to crabs!

MLB Mascot Brackets – Crazy Crab vs Dinger [Home Run Derby]

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Clip Of The Day: Stomper The Elephant, Breakdance Fighting

August 16, 2007

The scene: An normal evening in Oakland, CA.

The Cast: A’s mascot Stomper, a strapping young fellow named Jose, others.

The Plot: A normal, breakdancing fellow is impressing his rambunctious friends with his twirling ability when along comes an anthropomorphic elephant. The giant, mute pachyderm challenges him to a dance-off. Actually, this is exactly what happened in our dream last night.

The Sharks Logo: Now With Goldenrod Eyes!

July 24, 2007


From the official Sharks site: “We put a lot of research into this and feel the fans will thoroughly appreciate the updated logo and new marks,” said [Sharks President and CEO Greg] Jamison. “The players were heavily involved in the process and they are extremely happy with the outcome.”

It’s like the original logo is a normal shark and the new logo is one of the super-sharks from Deep Blue Sea starring LL Cool J.


Boom! … “Uh-Oh”

July 20, 2007

A half-ton of dynamite + a host of dumb people + immovable rotting whale carcass = the best two and a half minutes of your day week.


For more dead whale news, check out this article on how the Taiwanese handled the exact same problem. Say Hey–your dead whale news center!

[Video via Kissing Suzy Kolber]

Clip Of The Day: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Kick Their Fans Out Of Your Stadium

July 16, 2007

In the following video, everyone’s favorite pinniped, Giants mascot extraordinaire Lou Seal, harasses with a pair of unsuspecting Dodger fans. The scene gets ugly (read: entertaining) when a third Angeleno gets involved in the fun and shoves the mildly annoying Lou Seal, propelling the anthropomorphized seal into the seats.

Then the security folks tell the Dodger fan that he’s got to go, something made even more humiliating by Lou Seal’s continuous waving of goodbye.

And yes, that seal is a bit of a rabble-rouser. It really makes you pine for the days of the Crazy Crab, don’t it?

Good Lord We Are Easily Entertained

July 3, 2007

We just can’t get enough of this.





So on and so forth.

Best. Video. Ever.

And yes, we like turtles too.