A Belinelli Nickname Update, Via Italy

August 31, 2007

Many of you may remember our search for a nickname for Marco Belinelli earlier this summer. We got a lot of great suggestions and the jury’s still out, so continue to submit those ideas.

In the meantime, we’ve been getting some feedback from real Italian readers, including a plethora of ideas from one Andrea Baggio. Actually, he said that most of ours–and yours–were “ridiculous,” “insulting” and “worst,” though some were OK in his Italian eyes. But, like all constructive criticism, he offered some assistance, in the form of a lot of inspired suggestions. We’re partial to “Confused.”

hi guys,
I’m an italian fan
please listen to me:

I can suggest:
-) CECCHINO” (chek-kee-no). it means “sniper”.
-) IL SANTO – (as IL MAGO for bargnani) it means “the saint”; it reminds something of otherwordly.
-) BELìN – it means “dick” “cock” in Genoa dialect but is smoth to hear. It let imagine something that slips away or better something that squeezes on everywhere.

Ummmmmm …

-) SVAMPITO it means “hare-brained” like he seems.
-) CONFUSED he seams always like that.
-) IL GUARDIANO (because he is a guard); it means”watchman”; maybe it is not the world to recognize him.

Well, Adonal Foyle won’t be able to take that nickname anymore.

-) IL GIUDIZIO it means “the judgement”
-) BELLI CAPELLI it means “nice hear” and we use that to call someone who likes to the peaople likes him.
-) IL DUCA or THE DUKE because his noble figure

Tim Hardaway does not approve of this nickname.

-) OMBRA it means “shadow”. his plays remind a killer who shoots coming from shadows.

Insert OJ Simpson joke here.

-) IL PRINCIPE it means “the prince” but it would be not original.
-) GARISENDA (Bologna has two medieval towers. the big one is Asinelli, the small one is Garisenda)
-) EMILIO (he comes from the county of Emilia, Emily)
-) SONNO it means “sleep” (you can imagine why)
-) IL SONNAMBULO it means someone who walks sleepin

Now, we’re not quite clear on some of these suggestions–particularly Belin, the towers and the “sleep” references at the end–but we do like Il Santo and Cecchino (and Confused obviously).

Anyway, with training camp on the horizon, look for a little more Warriors news around these here parts. And keep the nicknames a-coming.

Marco Belinelli Needs A Nickname [Say Hey]


Italy V. Latvia: Belinelli And Biedrins Go Head To Head

August 22, 2007

A pair of the Warriors’ young cornerstones have been tearing up this so-called “Europe” in summer international play. After watching the above footage from the August 12th Italy-Latvia game, here some brief thoughts on the two Euros:

  • Andris Biedrins looks like he’s just going to continue to improve with age. He’s going to get stronger and he’s already one of the quicker centers (or big men) in the league. He can get that weird hook shot anytime he wants, but can he make it consistently?
  • Biedrins’ hands are amazing. He catches everything everything around the basket and finishes with striking ease. Yeah, striking.
  • AB’s dominating the world: 29 and 11 against Turkey.
  • Marco Belinelli has no compunctions about tossing up shots. We’re not sure who’s drooling more about the upcoming season: Marco or Nellie’s offense.
  • Belinelli might be the our favorite “unexpected dunker.” Other candidates include Reggie Miller, Monta Ellis and Kirk Hinrich.
  • Belinelli’s fade-away cannot be stopped. If he can perfect his arsenal of quick-release threes and off-balance fades with regularity, he’ll have a home in the league for a long time.
  • Also, it’s good to see Andris is still looking mighty tan.

[Via Golden State of Mind]

Marco Belinelli Needs A Nickname

July 13, 2007

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Warriors’ first round draft pick Marco Belinelli has been the ragazzo d’oro (golden boy) of the Vegas Summer League, but so far, the Italian import has no good nicknames. According to his Wikipedia page (and his Italian version too), his only sopranome is “Beli.” Bo-ring!

Let’s change that.

Bay Area sports fans, it’s up to us to find our newest fan-favorite Warrior a nickname. Oh, and the first person to suggest “Italian Stallion” gets banned. Originality, people.

Here are a few ideas to get the juices flowing:

  • Il Tiratore: We saw this on GSoM. It means “the shooter” in Italian. It’s good, but we can do better.
  • Dio: God.
  • The Espresso Machine: Vinnie “The Microwave” Johnson energized those Celtics Pistons team with “instant offense”; Belinelli will provide a similar offensive jolt for the Warriors off the bench.
  • Nellie’s Beli: This one really doesn’t make much sense, but it’s been thrown out there because it’s cute. Errrr, clever. Clever!
  • The Renaissance: Plus, you’ve got the duality of the Warriors’ own rebirth.
  • The Duro Euro: “Duro” means “hard” in Italian, and we know Marco’s not just another soft European in the mold of Vlade Divac and Peja Stojakovic. But there are those, um, sexual undertones.
  • The Crazy Bolognese: It rhymes. If he proves to be the second coming of Mike Dunleavy on defense, the Lazy Bolognese.
  • Omerta: We like this one. Omerta is the Sicilian code for silence (usually in the context of mafia doings). When Belinelli nails a couple threes of the bench in Staples Center, the crowd will go silent. He will be a silencer.
  • Three Point Mafia: You know, like the Oscar winners.
  • Wop N’ Pop: This is actually more of a set play. Some teams have the pick n’ roll; look for Nellie to run the wop n’ pop, taking advantage of Marco’s shooting touch.
  • La Cosa Nostra: He’s our thing.
  • Sprezzatura: The Renaissance ideal of making the difficult look easy. The meaning fits, as Marco makes the game look easy, and the word is fun to say, but it’s a bit of a mouthful. This is one of our favorites, mostly because we like saying it. Sprezzatura.
  • EVOO: Yeah, we hate Rachael Ray, but MB’s game is smooth like olive oil.
  • Il Guerriero: Italian for “warrior.”
  • Intrepido!: It means “fearless.” If the summer league games are any indication, Belinelli is not scared to take the quick three or take it hard to the rim. Plus, we like the idea of Jim Barnett screaming “Intrepido!” after a Belinelli dunk.

We suspect that the more we see him play, the more ideas we’ll get. For now though, feel free to share your suggestions/votes.

Belinelli Shines In Warriors Debut. Molto.

July 9, 2007

Sure it’s just summer league, but Marco Belinelli was pretty darn impressive in the Warriors’ first game. The Italian highlights are above, and Winning the Turnover Battle has an excellent recap of Belinelli’s 37-point performance. Here’s an excerpt from their summary:

Belinelli was completely nasty yesterday but his stats, although impressive (37 pts, 5 rb, 2 ast), don’t do his performance justice. What is lost in those numbers are two things. First, Belinelli was extremely active on the defensive end, and although he only ended up with one steal in the game he was a menace in the passing lanes, deflecting numerous balls and exhibiting great quickness on the defensive end. The second thing that is misleading about those stats is Belinelli’s assist total. The only reason that Marco only had two assists was that his teammates missed a number of open shots and also appeared suprised by a number of brilliant long passes made by Belinelli. On four seperate occassions during the game Belinelli made half court passes to wide open shooters that left me stunned. Belinelli did not come in touted as a passer, but his court vision and general basketball IQ appeared to be exponentially higher than anyone else on the court. Belinelli also showed that he is entirely unafraid to shoot from anywhere on the court, as his 37 points came on a wide variety of threes, jumpers, and drives.

Considering the immense struggles of Greg Oden and Kevin Durant, Belinelli’s shining performance is pretty impressive, even for summer league. Even more importantly, it looks like he will be able to contribute immediately, helping the W’s cushion the loss of Jason Richardson (and possibly/probably Mickael Pietrus and/or Matt Barnes). Also, Kelenna Azubuike (29 points) is making his case to fill the swingman void.

Oh, and in case you wondering, Patrick O’Bryant still sucks. He scored three. whole. points.

Like A Glove [Winning the Turnover Battle]

Game One Recap [Official Warriors Site]

Clip Of The Day: Marco Belinelli Can Do A 360° Dunk

July 6, 2007

All aboard!

–Belinelli Bandwagon

An Open Letter To Marco Belinelli

July 3, 2007

Caro Marco,

Buon giorno.

Sono molto felice che i Guerrieri l’hanno scelto. Avevo paura che Chris Mullin voleva un giocatore di merda dagli Stati Uniti, come Troy Murphy, Mike Dunleavy o Todd Fuller. Questa città gia ha avuto già abbastanza dolori.

Ma tu! Tu sei diverso! Lo so. Ho la fede. Veramente molto fede, perche questa squadra ‘e perfetta per te. Lo stilo Don Nelson (il nostro bello tecnico) e molto divertente, specialmente per una guardia come lei che ama l’offesa, un velocità rapida e i tre punti. Forse lei sarà la nostra versione di Manu Ginobili. Forse meglio? Ci vediamo.

Dopo il Draft, tu ha detto, “E’ stata una serata incredibile.” Anch’io ho pensato la questa cosa. Spero che sarebbe una stagione incredibile. L’anno scorso, i Guerrieri hanno fatti molto bene, ma questa stagione, ci sono molte aspettative. Tu puo contribuire immediatamente e ancora, ho la fede che tu aiuterei la nostra squadra.

Nel questo blog, tu hai già un ventilatore grande.


Migliori saluti,

“Dire Ciao”

P.S. Mi dispiace che la grammatica non ‘e perfetta. Non parlo mai qui nell’America, ma ora, c’e una ragione.

[La foto: NBA.com]

Didya Hear The One About The Pope And Raquel Welch?

April 10, 2007

With all this Don Imus business going on lately (Which is terrible by the way. There’s nothing funny about ignorance. Except for Tim Hardaway…), we kept looking at Imus’ ugly mug over and over again.

Then it finally hit us.

He looks like the Pope! The Pope of the Catholic Church!


Of course, that got us thinking …

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