Baron Davis Is Cheating On Diana Taurasi, Thus Denying The World A Super-Point-Guard Baby

September 7, 2007 it comes to athletes blogging, it’s usually hit and miss, not unlike the Giants’ 2007 campaign.

Some athletes’ blogs are unbearably dull (sorry B-Dub; prove us wrong).

Others are a refreshingly interesting look at the trials and tribulations of the season.

Still others are enjoyably whismy.

Now, we don’t pay much attention to the WNBA (sorry), but Diana Taurasi seems to have quite the sense of humor. Writing in good fun, she calls out her buddy Baron Davis on his budding Hollywood relationship with “Desperate Housewife” Teri Hatcher.

Boom Dizzle, you’re breaking my heart!
C’mon. I thought we had something serious. We’re both ballers from SoCal. We kicked it with First Lady Laura Bush at the White House together. We were supposed to have a kid and make her (or him) the best point guard ever – even better than Sue Bird and Magic Johnson put together.
If you’re going to cheat on me, at least keep it in France! Don’t be spotted in at Hollywood hot spots sharing spaghetti!
I’m just playing. Seriously, Baron’s my man. You just better be ready for the season. You’ve got to represent! Be careful. She is Desperate.

This Diana Taurasi is funny! Athletes: they’re just like us!

Oh, and she’s right about the need to represent this upcoming season. After the Giants and A’s disasters, the Niners’ letdown (wait, what?) and the Sharks’ collapse, the Bay just couldn’t handle another disappointment.

You cheatin’ on me, B. Diddy? [Yardbarker]