Um, Hey, Yeah, About Those New Sharks Uniforms … They Seem Like They Have Nice Personalities

September 19, 2007


A couple weeks ago, we revealed the new Sharks logo, complete with goldenrod eyes and cartoony meanness.

Yesterday, the Sharkies finally unveiled the actual uniforms; the biggest difference is the incorporation of the goldenrod stripes as the main accents. You’ll remember—or not—that the Sharks’ old accent was silver. We prefer the silver to the burnt orange.

In our best Ralph Barbieri voice: “Go Sharks.”

Also, as you may be able to surmise from our trimonthly hockey posts, we’re not the biggest hockey connoisseurs, so if you know hockey or can write with a computer, drop us a line. Canadians also welcome.

Cry of the Fishmonger Special Report: Sartorial Splendor [SFist]


The Sharks Logo: Now With Goldenrod Eyes!

July 24, 2007

From the official Sharks site: “We put a lot of research into this and feel the fans will thoroughly appreciate the updated logo and new marks,” said [Sharks President and CEO Greg] Jamison. “The players were heavily involved in the process and they are extremely happy with the outcome.”

It’s like the original logo is a normal shark and the new logo is one of the super-sharks from Deep Blue Sea starring LL Cool J.


Sharks Fizzle As Summer Vacation Comes Early

May 8, 2007

T.S. Eliot’s “The Hollow Men” concludes with the following four famous lines:

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

That pretty much sums up the end of the San Jose Sharks’ season.

All in all, it was another disappointingly “blah” season-ending series for the Sharkies, who thought they had the pieces for a Stanley Cup run, but just couldn’t get it together after their epic Game 4 collapse:

Yes, the series turned on the way the Sharks crumbled at the end of Game 4, giving up a bad game-tying goal to Robert Lang with 34 seconds left, but the killer wasn’t that goal, or even the goal by Mathieu Schneider in overtime that won Game 4 for Detroit, but the fact that the Sharks had two more games to re-establish control of the series and failed, sometimes miserably.

Last night, Detroit scored twice in the first period and that was enough for the visiting Red Wings to finish off the tepid Sharks, who struggled throughout the series, particularly the last three games. They scored only one goal after Game 4, and the power play–absent during the Nashville series (2 for 30)–continued to prove troublesome against Detroit (2 for 27 overall, 0 for 15 in the last three).

You gotta feel for the Sharks, one of the more entertaining teams in the NHL, as they really established themselves as a franchise that wants to win a championship. At least they have time to watch the Warriors now.

San Jose still can’t get over the elusive hump [SFGate]

[Photo courtesy: AP Photo/Paul Sakuma]

Clickery: The Weekend That Was

May 7, 2007
  • The Tim Lincecum Era didn’t start with a bang, but the Giants still managed to split the four-game set with the Phils despite a Sunday night loss. His line: 5 1/3 innings, 5 runs, 5 walks, 5 K’s and 100 pitches, including one that topped 100 on the radar gun. More on the Giants later. [SFGate]
  • Nick Swisher and his increasingly long hair hit another homerun yesterday as the A’s took two of three from the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. [SFGate]
  • During the 7th inning stretch at Yankee Stadium, Roger Clemens announced to the crowd that he was coming back for $28,000,022. The last two digits match his uniform number. Classy guy, that Rog. He’ll be 45 in August. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the entire Giants starting rotation (Zito, Morris, Ortiz, Lowry, Cain) is making a total of $22,395,00 this year. [ESPN]
  • Mayweather beat De La Hoya in a pretty entertaining fight on Saturday night, despite the inevitable and predictable grumblings for a sequel. [Youtube]
  • The NBA Playoffs continued. The Jazz beat the Rockets to earn the right to face your Golden State Warriors (tonight). Meanwhile, the Cavs, Pistons and Spurs all won their first games in the second round.
  • No, this won’t jinx anything. Not. A. Thing. [100% Injury Rate]
  • Brady Quinn’s girlfriend is getting more mockery attention than she ever dreamed of. Poor girl. Unless you believe all the rumors. Because then she seems kinda mean. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]
  • Oh, and something happened with the Sharks and that hockey business. [SFGate]

Hey, It’s Hockey Season!

April 29, 2007

Now, it’s a particularly busy time around the Bay. The Warriors are on the brink of the biggest upset in NBA history (There, I said it). The Giants found HGH the fountain of youth and are tearing up the National League. The NFL has been reading names out loud for the last 36 hours or so. Hence, “hockey” has been relegated to background noise … even more so than usual.

Since San Jose is (barely) a part of the Bay Area, we figured it’s only right to show the Sharks some love, you know, considering they’re in our subtitle and all.

So, it’s still hockey season. Even more importantly, it’s playoff time in the hockey. Most importantly, the Sharks are still in these alleged play-offs.

Last night, the Red Wings of Detroit defeated the Sharks 3-2 in Game Two of the Western Conference semifinals. Jonathan Cheechoo scored 36 seconds into the game and Joe Thornton added his own a couple minutes later, but the Red Wings scored the next three goals to tie up the series. It was the first time a team in the playoffs has blown a lead.

Our main man Ray Ratto summarized the game as “a moderately embarrassing loss” that was not really worth watching:

In other words, this is about less than even grinding out a win. This is about being persistent enough to hope that the other guy runs into the referee, or trips on a squid, or gets confused by concepts like uniform color. This series has shown no sign yet that incandescent talent will suddenly emerge, unless you want to credit the two goalies. And even then, Nabokov has outplayed Hasek and has no egregious clearing errors to his debit.

And there’s your incandescent hockey update. Game Three is Monday night. Maybe that one will be worth watching. Probably not … but you never know.

In case you missed it, there wasn’t much to miss [SFGate]

Too Much Happening, Need Recap Post

April 3, 2007

So much going on in the sporting world, so here’s a quick recap of the state of athletic events:

  • Florida beat Ohio State handily to win a second national championship. Greg Oden looked like a 35-year-old man, but he dominated the game, despite OSU’s loss. He finally looked like the franchise center that was advertised. Everytime he dunked, his feet swung up a violent motion. Someone’s gonna get hurt one day. As for Florida, well, we still hold some animosity for those two UCLA beatings, Joakim Noah’s hair/swagger (he had a terrible game, so that made us feel a little better) and the whole state of “Florida,” but we have to give them credit. It’s a feel-good story. The kids eschewed millions of dollars to come back to school and win another championship. And they did. Respec’.
  • The A’s lost 4-0 to Seattle.  Dan Haren pitched well, but a big inning for the M’s (spurred by the second of shortstop Bobby Crosby’s two errors) was all they needed. Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez, 20, looked like a stud in the making: 8 innings, 3 hits, 12 strikeouts. Wow. Just wow. He’ll win a Cy Young soon. Just a feeling.
  • Cheechoo had a hat trick for the Sharkies as they continue to improve their playoff positioning by dominating the Kings, 6-2.

Sharks Roundup: Thornton & Co. Heating Up At The Right Time

March 23, 2007
  • The Sharks finally beat a team that is good at this hockey game. Meanwhile, Joe Thorton became the first Shark in franchise history to eclipse the 100-point mark. [SJ Mercury]
  • Jonathan Cheechoo’s seventh hat trick in the last two seasons is the most since 2002. [Elias]
  • A puzzled and pissed Ryan Garners wonders, where’s the love for Thornton? [Hockey Buzz]
  • The playoff push begins now. The Teal figure to finish somewhere in the fifth- to seventh-place range. [Official Site]
  • Best. Sharks. Clip. Ever. [youtube]