Warriors’ Nation Sheds A Single Tear: Sarunas Jasikevicius Is No Longer A Warrior

September 20, 2007

It’s official: the Warriors will place Sarunas Jasikevicius on waivers after agreeing on a buyout with the backup point guard. It’s a shame, because Sarunas never really fit in with the team and seemed like a swell former Communist.

In the end, despite the Warriors’ dire need for a backup point guard, Sarunas’ leadership abilities, Sarunas’ shooting touch and his, ahem, undying enthusiasm (read: excellent cheerleading skills), the Lithuanian guard lacked the athleticism (and perhaps the willingness to throw discipline out the window ) to run in Nellie’s system.

Along with the loss of Adonal Foyle, this means that the Warriors have a serious shortage of towel-wavers.

From the moment he arrived in Oakland, Sarunas has been one of our favorite players (both in seriousness and in jest) so as our farewell to Sarunas, here’s Cabbages showcasing his American Idol skill, singing what can only be the Lithuanian version of Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer.”


Warriors Get The Exact Opposite Of Kevin Garnett

August 3, 2007

https://i1.wp.com/estaticos02.cache.el-mundo.net/elmundodeporte/imagenes/2007/01/31/1170233888_0.jpgAfter getting oh-so-close to nabbing Kevin Garnett on draft day (and ignoring our need for Sheed), the Warriors have signed the one NBA player who is pretty much the exact opposite of KG: Austin Croshere.


Austin Croshere.

… the Warriors signed Austin Croshere?!

Along with signing last year’s second-round pick from Belgrade, 7’2′ Kosta Perovic, that means that 14 of the 15 roster spots are filled up. We suppose Croshere is meant to replace Matt Barnes (who, by the way, hasn’t received any offers yet, leading him to fire a second agent), but we have to wonder why Croshere?

In his prime, Croshere was a solid shooter with the Pacers. His best year, however, came nearly a decade ago, in 1999. Last year, coming off the bench (as he surely will do this year), the shooting specialist shot a miserable 28% from three-point land. He has a career 40% shooting percentage, which is astonishingly low for a 6-10 forward, including just 33% for career threes, which is astonishingly low for a reputed sharpshooter.

Granted, Mullin did sign him for the veteran’s minimum, and since it’s only a one-year deal, the team will only have to pay $771,000, but wouldn’t it have been better to let Nellie find yet another diamond in the D-League rough? In the tradition of Matt Barnes and Kelenna Azubuike, Nellie has proven that he can find good players who can be signed to the (non-veteran’s) minimum. Azubuike made just $259,000 last year. Furthermore, with young players, there’s the possibility of upside. Croshere has none of that.

Thoughts? Rationale?

Warriors getting busy filling out their roster [Mercury News]

Clip Of The Day: Three Minutes Of Smiles

June 13, 2007

This is a slightly scary video made by a Dirk fan-stalker person. The song just puts it over the top.

Warriors fans should especially enjoy the final 20 seconds.

Koponen! Koponen!

June 9, 2007

The image “https://i0.wp.com/www.tapiolanhonka.fi/easydata/customers/honka/files/APAkatemia/maa_koponen.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Several weeks ago, we reported on the rapidly rising draft stock of 18-year-old Finnish point guard Petteri Koponen. Well, now that draft workouts are in full swing, the suave Scandinavian is continuing to impress NBA scouts. Here’s what ESPN Insider and draft guru Chad Ford had to say about Koponen’s recent performance at a two-day, ten-team workout camp in Orlando this week:

Almost every team was shocked at how well Finnish point guard Petteri Koponen handled the workout. Only 18 years old, he was put up against college veterans like Taurean Green, Aaron Brooks and Sean Singletary.

Koponen, according to multiple team sources, stood out with his poise, shooting and ability to adapt his game to the speed of the workout. One executive went so far as to say he saw enough to rank Koponen as the fourth-best point guard in the draft. Others said that he was on par with [Florida point guard Taurean] Green, who also played well in the workout.

Koponen will skip the Reebok Eurocamp to continue individual workouts, and it looks like he may have a good shot at sneaking into the late first round. All of which makes it hard to understand why the Orlando pre-draft camp selection committee excluded him from the camp.

Koponen currently plays for the Honka Espoo Playboys in Finland (really). The 6″4′, 195-pound point guard has the size and strength to make it in the league and despite being only 18 and having no college experience, has been repeatedly described as “polished.” It’s pretty impressive that the Finn can hold his own with the college-tested point guards. Plus, he looks like one of the Hansen brothers. Hooray Suomi!

Workout season requires sorting fact from fiction [ESPN Insider]

The 10 Best Michael Jordan Commercials

May 3, 2007

As we continue to fret about Game Six …

Michael Jordan defined the role of the athlete in popular culture. For the last 25 years or so, he’s been a spokesman for Nike, Gatorade, Haines (ugh) and a variety of other products. With the exception of the current puzzling Kevin Bacon campaign, just about every commercial with His Airness has been wildly entertaining. Here are our favorites.

10. The first Jordan-Mars Blackman commercial: They went on to do a whole series of black and white ads, and in every one of them, Spike Lee looks 12 years old. How does such an annoying person make such good movies?

9. The Bible of Jordan, read by Spike Lee: This cutesy, nostalgic commercial aired almost 20 years after the original Mars Blackman ones.

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McDonald’s All-American Game Teaches Us That OJ Mayo Sucks And Ronald McDonald Is Fat & Creepy

March 29, 2007


And today’s winner for “creepiest clown photo” goes to …

Anyway, last night was the annual McDonald’s All-American game, showcasing the best high-school hoopsters from around the nation. Kansas St-bound Michael Beasley earned MVP honors as the West beat the East 114-112. UCLA top recruit Kevin Love looked good as well, adding 13 points and six rebounds.

But the real story was the all-around ineptitude of OJ Mayo. As you might be able to tell, we have a little bias against the USC-bound kid, but we’re not the only ones. Mayo, who has received created an inordinate amount of hype with his prima donna ways, went 4 for 17 from the floor and missed the potential game-winner. Also, the crowd booed him, which is nice. Nothing like despising a teenager. Come to think of it, we liked OJ Mayo better when he was named JR Rider.

Mayo falls short at McDonald’s game [ESPN]

Clip Of The Day: But How Does He Feel About Saving The Whales?

March 16, 2007

This is Scot Pollard, a backup center for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He has a message for the youth of America.

(Update: for those of you who can’t hear read lips as well as the rest of us, Pollard says, “Hey kids, do drugs!”)