A Cameo On The Blog Show

August 28, 2007

We’re happy to announce that Say Hey got a nice shout-out on the 20th episode of the Washington Post Live’s Blog Show. Since it’s the last episode before Labor Day, Jamie Mottram and Dan Steinberg–two blogfathers of the sports interwebs–looked back on the best of the summer that was. Among the myriad estival highlights was our little Stomper breakdancing clip (2:35 mark). Who said that Oakland never contributed anything to civilization?

Other highlights include Mr. Met getting his bhangra on, Brady Quinn’s photo gallery of beauty and the lost YouTube of Chris Farley’s Christian Laettner recreation reimagining.

Blog Show No. 20: ‘The Summer of Blog’ [Mister Irrelevant]

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Clip Of The Day: Ode To The Broncos

August 13, 2007

Since there were no Giants games over the weekend (there weren’t), here’s one more football post.

Tonight: 49ers v. Broncos at Bill Walsh Field, 5pm West Coast time, ESPN

[Sidenote: the Giants couldn’t really get swept in a five-game, bicoastal series against the worst team in the league, could they?]

Bay Area Stars Get Simpsonized

July 30, 2007

With the recent hubbub over The Simpsons Movie, we decided to take a page out of the Boston Globe’s book and applied the treasure trove of time-wasters, the Simpsonizer, to your favorite Bay Area superstars and ours, from Senor Bonds to Baron to Miss Jessica Alba and more…

Barry Bonds:


Nick Swisher:


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Baron, Rockin’ The Seersucka Suit

July 18, 2007

For one night, Baron was not sucka-free (sorry).

In any event, Baron represented the Bay at last week’s ESPYs and the always sharp point guard put together quite the ensemble. With Leather described his outfit as “Hamptons Hobo.” Other ideas include “Burlingame Bum,” “Haute Tenderloin” and our personal (nonsensical) favorite, “The Sausalito Sailor Surprise.”

Thanks to the always fashion-conscious WL for the photo. The best part is clearly the red handkerchief.

Good Lord We Are Easily Entertained

July 3, 2007

We just can’t get enough of this.





So on and so forth.

Best. Video. Ever.

And yes, we like turtles too.

Nostalgia: The 1995 Draft, Revisited

June 27, 2007

This media-roundup video of the 1995 Draft is a little long, but full of gems, including the debate between Jerry Stackhouse, Rasheed Wallace and “the safe pick,” Joe Smith. It’s downright painful at some points.

Aside from a young(er) Gary Radnich and a Mark Ibanez sighting (!), our favorite part is this Greg Papa quote: “People want to get Karl Malone and Derrick Coleman and all these great power forwards.”

Yep, Derrick Coleman: great power forward.

So Many Questions, So Few Wins

June 26, 2007

We’re not sure why, but we can’t get enough of “Uh, Meatball?”

The “Q&A” ad campaign from a couple years ago was one of the best ad campaigns in recent memory. Granted, this year’s team isn’t exactly bubbling over in personality, but we would still enjoy a renaissance of the spots.

Some possible questions:

“Hey Barry Zito, is your mattress really stuffed with $100 bills?”

“Hey Randy Winn, do you ever sit in Bonds’ leather recliner, just to piss him off?”

“Hey Matt Cain, if you had to shoot one player on the team, who would it be? Vinnie Chulk, right?

“Hey Bruce Bochy, do you cry yourself to sleep?”

“Hey Mark Sweeney, have you given any HGH to any leftfielders this year?”

“Hey Ray Durham, has anyone ever told you that you look like my friend Devin?”

“Hey Luis Figueroa, how does it feel to embark on your 11th professional campaign as a non-roster invitee? I mean, you’re 5’9″ and 33 years old. Maybe you should try your hand at law school or something?”

“Hey Randy Messenger, why do you wear your hat like that?”