Randy Messenger: The Man, The Myth, The RAINMAKER!

June 1, 2007

MIAMI - MAY 06:  Pitcher Randy Messenger #23 of the Florida Marlins pitches against the San Diego Padres on May 6, 2007 at Dolphin Stadium in Miami, Florida. The Padres defeated the Marlins 3-1.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

Randy Messenger is the most popular San Francisco Giant today.

Last night, the Giants traded embattled sucky closer Armando Benitez to the Florida Marlins in exchange for Messenger, a little known reliever. The move marks a huge sigh of relief for Giants fans everywhere.

But who is Randy Messenger?

  • He’s the guy who punched a teammate (Scott Olson) in the face.
  • In the grand tradition of Pacman Jones, Messenger enjoys MAKING IT RAIN!!!
  • He once played for the Springfield Albuquerque Isotopes.
  • He enjoys basketball and music.
  • He could talk, or not talk, for hours.
  • He had a taco feast in the Mission with his estranged father Ralph Barbieri last night. Tolbert was there too, but couldn’t hear a thing, on account of his earplugs.
  • The Miami Sports Dude think Messenger is, like, so hot. Too bad for Messenger there are no gay people in San Francisco.
  • Did we mention he enjoys making it rain? Let’s keep him away from Stephen Jackson.

Tim Hardaway Considering Talking To The Gays

March 14, 2007


We pity Tim Hardaway’s PR person, if he has one.

In an interview with The Miami Herald, Hardaway expressed his disappointment with himself and the public reaction to his now-infamous comments. The good news is that he’s “dealing with it like a champ.” But it looks like he’s still having some issues with actually interacting with the gays:

Hardaway, who attended a Heat game last week, said he soon will speak with a gay organization (he’s considering three) to ”make them understand” why he made his comments — which he apologized for — and to gain a better understanding of their perspective. He rejected an offer to spend a day with North Miami Mayor Kevin Burns, who is gay, “because that was more for publicity for him.”

Timmy also said that he’s got to make sure people know that he doesn’t hate gay people. You’re off to a good start, buddy. Also, doesn’t that sound a little like O.J. saying that he’s got to track down the real killers?

Hardaway Looking For Second Chances [Miami Herald]