Clip Of The Day: One Reason NOT To Trade Jason Richardson

June 27, 2007

With a cornucopia of trade rumors circling J-Rich lately, we thought we’d provide a good reason to keep Jason around the Bay: he’s a great guy.

Here’s hoping Patrick O’Bryant likes popcorn. Considering how the rookie performed last year, he’s lucky it’s just popcorn.

Quote of the video, by that Frenchman Mickael Pietrus (sporting the bright green pants!) in the background: “Hawpee New Yeeeaaawww!!”

The “Keep J-Rich Movement” starts … now.

(Note: It seems Monta Ellis has become the latest Warrior to be involved in trade talk.)


Rounding Up The Internets

April 12, 2007
  • Jason Stark takes full aim at the Giants’ woes, basically saying that they won’t be going away anytime soon. The facts that he brings up: by the end of the month, there won’t be one regular under 32. Our two best players (Bonds and Vizquel) are over 40 (just think about that). One scout said, “Barry Zito was the single worst signing of the winter. He’s just not a top-of-the-rotation guy anymore.” Ugh. It’s gonna be a loooooong season. [ESPN]
  • To boost the team’s average age in an attempt to win some kind of record, the Giants sent Bellarmine alum Kevin Frandsen down to the minors. It’s OK though! Mark Sweeney’s back! Hooray! Now we have FOUR first basemen on the team! [SFGate]
  • Giants v. Pirates, 4:05 Left Coast time.
  • Lakers v. Clippers tonight, Warriors v. Kings tomorrow. Playoff implications abound!
  • More Family Circus fun at Kissing Suzy Kolber [KSK]
  • Mike Tyson will be in court, not helping out at his favorite orphanage, on August 20. [ESPN]
  • The 2008 Olympics in China just got a little less entertaining. [Yahoo!]

Alcohol Prohibition In Finland Ended 75 Years Ago Today

April 5, 2007

Some things to consider while thanking your lucky stars you don’t live under a bridge in Florida

  • Nellie’s supersmallball lineup with Al Harrington in the middle has been paying big dividends. It makes perfect sense: move your undersized power forward to the center position. [SFGate]
  • Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky is the newest Giants blogger. God, why doesn’t everyone start a sports blog? [SFist]
  • Barry Bonds wants to wear Jackie Robinson’s retired #42 jersey on April 15 to honor the baseball pioneer. And really, what better person to represent all that Jackie Robinson stands for? [mlb]
  • Ex-Warrior Gilbert Arenas goes down for the year, taking our fantasy team with him. [CNNSI]
  • The new A’s manager is already in hot water. [AthleticsNation]
  • In two games, the Giants have scored three runs and given up 12. That’s not good. Tonight: Matt Morris v. Clay Hensley, 7:15pm.
  • An astronaut plans to run a marathon from her treadmill in space during the Boston Marathon. Her thoughts: “One of the interesting things about sweating or working out up here is that the stuff doesn’t evaporate off you or drop off you … the water just sort of stays on you until it makes a big enough glop that it kind of floats away.” Our thoughts: first the diaper incident. Now this. Astronauts are nuts. [Yahoo!]
  • It’s ok to drive a zamboni drunk. [CNN]

Warriors (Got) Beat: So It Follows That The W’s Are The Mightiest Team In The Land

March 13, 2007

mont.jpgIn typical Golden State fashion, the lovable lightning bolts laid into the best team in the league last night. The Warriors abruptly halted the Mavericks’ league-best 17 game winning streak in definitive fashion.

This game represented exactly what the Warriors should be: a high-scoring team with a well-balanced attack. Let’s check out the stats. 117 points against one of the best defensive teams in the league. The scoring breakdown reads like a high school team: no one over 20 and eight (8!) scored at least eight (8!) points. Every starter, plus Monta and Pietrus, had at least one steal, with J-Rich leading the way with four.

Most impressive though, were the assists: 31 assists on 44 field goals versus only 14 turnovers. Baron, J-Rich and Crazy Steve all dished out seven (7!) dimes apiece.

The playoff dream remains alive. And with our recent dominance against Dirk’s Digglers, a first-round matchup with Dallas just got a little more interesting.

Warriors-Dallas recap [ESPN]